Pregnancy fetish. I have it, do you?

Seeing pregnant females walking all over makes me crave my pregnancy fetish. I am on a mission to get pregnant and I want you to help me. Do you want to fill my pussy with your baby making cum? Squirt it inside of me and fill me up. Let it swim up inside of me until it reaches my egg. My egg is patiently awaiting your sperm to fertilize it. Needing the feeling of your strongest sperm to penetrate that egg.

At that moment I will get so excited.

The feeling your baby, our baby, growing inside of me turns me on so much. I hope my pregnancy fetish is also your pregnancy fetish. I want you to have the same craving I do and want to release your sperm inside of my pussy. We can watch my belly grow as our baby gets bigger and bigger.

We will be creating a tiny human being by having sex.

Back in the olden day’s sex was only used get a woman pregnant. People did not have sex for pleasure. There was no birth control. As of last night, I have made a conscious decision to stop taking my birth control pills. Putting forth all of my effort to keep my pussy full of your cum al the time. Until I hold that stick in the line of my pee and wait the 5 minutes for that little plus sign to pop up.

That positive pregnancy test will make my day.

Look at us we are fucking hot and our babies will be cute as hell also. Do you want to make babies with me?

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