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I am so thankful that Michael is not an amateur anymore. When I first met him he was not the most experienced man I have ever been with. Being 10 years older than me I guess I expected more. Training him was fun though because I did get to teach him what I like and how to do it. Until he met me he has never been the subject of any adult sex stories.

Living a very vanilla sex life made him leave his wife.

When he met me I rocked his world. Inviting him into the world of 3 some of 2 women, 3 some of me and another guy. Even letting me watch him have a 3 some with him and 2 men. Let me tell you, that was so fucking hot. What else is hot is when Michael sucks my strap on. As I lay back and watching him crawl up between my legs and lick the head of my cock.

I watch his lips cover the head of it as he works his way down.

Making that whole cock disappear as he deep throats it. He has to make it nice and wet so it will slide easily in and out of his ass. I like when the adult sex stories make him climb on top of me and bounce on my cock. As He rides my cock taking it all in his ass I watch him stroke his. Preparing for him to cum all over me.

Michael loves the adult sex stories that let him ride my strap on.

He has found a whole new love for pegging. After he releases his hot creamy cum all over my stomach and titties He licks me clean. Adult sex stories, fetish sex stories, plus many many other types of sex stories are on my phone sex kingdom blog page.

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