You had your pregnancy fetish long before you started playing with your daughter, but it soon came true.

I’m in on your little secret and I wish I could say I would keep it a secret. But it looks like everyone is figuring it out on their own now. I found out about Daddy’s impregnation fantasy seven months ago, but now I know another fetish Daddy has!  Your pregnancy fetish has been keeping me very busy. I can’t say I mind having all this special time with Daddy though. You even sex chat with me at work. My breasts are so enlarged and swollen now, compared to seven months ago. They are really sensitive, especially when your tongue flicks against my pink areolas.

I love how much we have been playing since you knocked me up.

All these hormones make me so horny and ready for your cock. Even just going a few hours without your cock inside me drives me insane. It’s been a new experience in this past month that has really made us both so horny. My tits now leak everywhere when you suck on them or when I bounce up and down on your cock. It certainly makes a mess, but it feels so good. I love the feeling of you cumming inside my pregnant body.

The sounds of your moans as you feel my soaking wet pussy juices drip down your cock, while it’s still inside of me is more than enough to send me over the edge. Soon our little secret won’t be so secret anymore. But I have enjoyed every minute of milking Daddy’s hot sperm into my pregnant womb. Even with our secret out, I know I’ll never be able to get enough of your hard cock. Let’s keep enjoying all the naughty moments we have while I’m still your naughty pregnant princess.

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