Pound My Little Ass; Make Me Sore!

It’s cute how guys see anal as a rare, exotic treat that only the kinkiest girls give. I love anal, it’s a bit rougher than regular sex, it’s Taboo Phone Sex and it’s the best method of birth control ever. So when I get naked, crawl on a bed and put my firm ass in the air, then ask you to pound my tight little ass, don’t stand there with a deer in the headlights look on your face.

     James and I were in bed, he was between my legs and giving my pussy one hell of a good licking. His tongue was lapping at my walls and I had my legs over his shoulders as I begged him to keep going. I put my hand on the back of his head, grinding his face against my pussy when I felt his finger press against my asshole. He pushed it harder and I relaxed, letting him inside. He began to finger me while he at me and it was great having both of my holes used at the same time but I kept thinking of that finger.

It had been a while since I’d last gotten anal and the finger pumping and stretching my hole just made me want it really bad. I honestly didn’t even care that he was going down on me and I told him to stop for a second. He asked if I was okay and I told him I was fine but I wanted to try something else. I reached over to the nightstand, took out a bottle of lube, and handed it to him.

Then I crawled to the middle of the bed and looked over my shoulder at him.

I parted my legs as I raised my ass in the air. He was starting to get the idea and I reached behind me, putting my hand on my cheek and spreading it open. I told him that tonight I wanted him to fuck my tight little ass so hard that I couldn’t walk straight for a week.

He got that jackpot-winning look on his face and put lube on his fingers.

     He spread the lube over my hole and fingered me a bit more then I felt his tip pressing against me.I leaned lower, opening myself up for him and he pushed inside. Then he entered me slowly and I could feel my hole stretch around him. He kept saying how tight I felt around him! Then he gave a few gentle thrusts, helping me get used to it. I told him to go faster and he gripped my hips as he picked up speed. I could feel him deep inside me. So I put my weight down on one elbow and slid my other hand to my pussy.

I pushed my index finger inside and quickly rubbed it in circles on my clit. James was grunting behind me and his balls were slapping against me as my pussy juices dripped down my fingers. I felt an orgasm coming and rubbed my clit harder. My body tensed up and I started to cum. James kept fucking me for another minute or so then roughly grabbed my hips back, pulling me down on his dick as he shot his load in my ass.

     I laid there with cum and juices leaked out of me while James told me fucking amazing I was.

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