Do you know what post-orgasmic torture is? Some of you might, but now’s a great time for some special education for those who don’t. Though it is always better to have a test subject, don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be you. The experiment has already been done by yours truly. Let me tell you what I learned. 

Why Post-orgasmic Torture Bree?

Well, I became curious about controlling men’s sexual in other ways than fluttering my eyes and teasing with my body. Those techniques still work, but I want to really prove how powerful I could be. Having complete cock control. There is a difference between having a man attracted to you and having a man obedient to you. A little fear is thrown in, never hurt anyone. 

Post-orgasmic torture was something I read about, and it stuck with me, but I never attempted to try it on another until the perfect test subject presented himself. Now I can introduce you to Adam; oh, he was so cocky. Always feeding me lines about how he could go all night, and he would leave my legs shaking for days. Ha! Something about his assuredness bothered me, crawled under my skin. So I challenged him, told him I would be the ones leaving his legs shaking for days. He took the bait. After all, he thought it was a one-way ticket to seeing me naked. 

Very Important Always Tie Them UP!

Presented with the perfect opportunity, the planning began. As I spent a good part of my day setting up, I’m sure Adam was over the moon excited for his one night with me. Now he knew I was kinky, so walking in and seeing the restraints on my bed didn’t bother him. It only made him more excited. To sweeten the pot, I made him a deal. After I was down with him if he had anything left to give, he could have me any way he wished. Again he took the bait. 

Now you may wonder why the restraints? You know that sensation you get when someone is tickling you, and your instinct is to get away. It often makes some fling about and tries to push the culprit away, and for post-orgasmic torture, it’s imperative I stay put in my position. So I had him undress and get into position. Restraining both his arms and legs. He kept his eyes on me and my red tight dress, asking when I would get naked myself. We will see, I replied. 

Torture Time

I crawled between his spread out legs and used my hands to stroke him nice and slow. Spitting on his cock, watching it drip down the shaft. Listening to his enjoyment brought me little satisfaction cause I was after his frustration…his pain. I needed his cock as wet as possible, so with the intense motivation I licked, sucked, and deep-throated. With a single-minded goal to make him cum, and it was working. Oh, how easy Mister “go all night” was to pop off. 

The cum explodes from his cock in small squirts at a time, which was perfect. Utilizing the jizz still coming out, I immediately and quickly started to stimulate the head of his cock with my hand. Rapid moments without pausing for a moment. He nervously laughed and cracked my voice let me know it was working when he would tell me I could stop. But stopping wasn’t an option, his body began to convulse a little bit, and the begging and bargaining were music to my ears. As the post-orgasmic torture continued, I watched his toes curls and relished in his joyful suffering. 

Nothing Fun Can Last Forever

Even though it was just a little over a minute, I did let go. My goal was reached the moment he started losing control of his body, trying to get away. The moment I let go, I knew the fun was over, the sensitivity would soon lessen, but the experience would be one he would never forget. 

I hope you enjoyed that naughty tale on sensual domination; I certainly did! Keep an eye out for my blogs posted every Monday night! And sexy spooktober is right around the corner, and I have a lot of fun ideas in store for the month. Be sure to check up on last week’s naughty cheating story.