Do I think it was Gwen’s fault that her boyfriend Tyler started cheating with me? Of course not; my view of monogamy is much different from others, and as long as feelings were never involved, Gwen has no reason to know. However, it seems I’ve become a bit of an addiction to Tyler. Going from a one night stand to fucking like crazy every chance we get. He’s even gone as far as disruptive my own dating life from time to time. He’s an addict and doesn’t like to share. 

When He First Started Cheating With Me

The first night it really was just like a playful dare I laid before him. I didn’t expect that he would actually give in; I would be lying though if I said I didn’t want him to. Gwen was throwing another one of her annoying parties. Where she gets to be loud and drink, and as always, Tyler is dragged into things. Tonight though, he had work to do and needed to get home, and well, Gwen was in no condition to go anywhere. So I did my duty as a best friend and gave him a lift. Telling him I needed to stop by my own place for a quick moment, but it was on the way. 

Was I flirtatious? Of course, I was with an attractive, well-built man in my car. It was hard not to be. Plus, Gwen had mentioned a thing or two about his prowess in the bedroom. So when we got to my place, I came on a little hard. I blame the little bit of wine still in my system or how sexy I felt in the tight black dress with my 3-inch heels. Both probably played a part in me making my move. However, it never was my intention that he would begin cheating on me. The moment my hand playful grazed over the front of his pants, feeling a big hard cock under the fabric, there was no stopping me. 

It Starts Like It Always Does 

Tyler did his best to behave, telling me I should stop, that it would upset Gwen.  Of course, I told him it’s just sex; what she doesn’t know couldn’t affect her. So unless he was going to tell what the problem was? I explained this while removing his belt and undoing his pants, letting them fall to the floor. Now with his cock in my hand and my lips against his, it sparked that hidden passion beneath him. Like a beast being awakened under that good guy mask he was always wearing. 

Our bodies stumbled into my bedroom; he pushed me unto the bed spreading my legs. I felt the warmness of his wet tongue for the first time whirling and twirling around my clit, with two fingers firmly teasing inside my pussy right underneath. Gwen’s stories were right; he knew his way around a pussy. As he was eating my pussy I placed my hand on the back of his head, stroking his hair. Begging him not to stop. Before I knew it, the ripple of pleasure consumed my whole body as I had one of the best orgasms of my life right on against his lips. 

As he stood up, my cum juices dripping down his chin, any doubts he had about cheating with me were gone. This was the face of a junky, and I was his fix. He flipped me over, keeping me on the edge of the bed. My ass up while he held my head down; with no warning, he started to fuck me. Hard and fast, feeling his balls slap against my ass with every thrust, my moans muffled by the sheets. 

Finished On My Face

I felt his hand come down and grab the back of my hair while he simultaneously slid out of me. Next thing I know, I’m face to face with a dripping wet cock that smells of my pussy all over it, watching it swell up as Tyler shot his cum all over my face. 

I have myself a hot little affair going on, wouldn’t you agree? And I plan to have many more, maybe even with you! I’m happy to be your hot go-to girl for some amazing role play phone sex! If you liked reading about my little affair, check out my more fanciful side with my last naughty fantasy story.