How Can I Stay Monogamous, With All The Sexy Temptation Around?

How can I possibly stay monogamous, with all the sexy temptation around me? Let’s face it, the thought of being monogamous and me don’t exactly go hand in hand. There’s something very erotic to me, about committing adultery, I just can’t help myself! There will always be adultery involved with me somehow, that’s just a fact of life. Frankly, I feel that as long as people are 100% with each other and themselves, then that’s never a bad thing. Derek was married and I was in a relationship, but we hooked up every couple of weeks to fuck and apparently his wife had no idea, however, my man Paul knew EXACTLY what was I out doing!

At first, our affair was fun and exciting, but he wanted more, more than I was willing to give and I made that clear. We started out as friends from the gym, but our affair all began, when his wife was going to a movie with her girlfriends, so he texted me to come over for a quickie, while she was gone.

On one occasion, he wanted to do something risky and do it in their bed.

Can’t say that I wasn’t turned on by the idea! I mean fuck it, he’s not my husband, so why should I care? I parked down the street and watched her pull out of the driveway, then made my way to the house. We went up to the bedroom and started making out, the risk of us doing it there, made everything more sexy and naughty. I think that’s what made us lose track of time, or at least that’s the excuse I wanna go with. We couldn’t get enough of each other and explored each other like we had never fucked before.

We kissed every part of the skin and touched every delicate place we could think of and then some. My pussy was soaking wet and he had never been harder, which made for some mind-blowing sex. He was on top of me, kissing my neck, while his hard throbbing dick leaked pre-cum all over my thigh. His hands roughly parted my legs and he pushed deep inside. We fucked hard and fast, moaning and making that bed creak. I begged him to fuck me harder and just then, I heard a  soft gasp.

I heard it (and didn’t give a shit), but Derek didn’t and he had no idea that his wife, standing in the doorway.

She looked at us, with shock all over her face and I felt bad for a second, but that went away real fast. Maybe if she fucked him like I do, then he wouldn’t need me. I ignored her and enjoyed Derek, while I could because I was expecting her to freak out at any second. I heard nothing though and after a minute I cheerfully looked back at her. She was blushing and twisting her necklace in between her fingers; hmmm, I think there was a part of her that was liking this.

Derek kept going and knowing we were caught and being watched made me horny as hell, but the fact that he didn’t know, made me even hotter. I squeezed my muscles around him and arched my hips, making myself cum hard, cum hard. I cried loudly, as I came and after a few more thrusts Derek shot his load within me.

Derek rolled off from me, but I didn’t want him to see his wife just yet, so I did what I could to keep his attention.

I slid a hand down and parted my pussy lips, exposing my cum filled pussy to him and her. I moaned, as I used my other hand to stroke my pelvis, just about my sopping wet cunt and said, “You’re not done yet, are you? Don’t you want to eat your creampie? I don’t like a dirty pussy!” He licked his lips and bent down, licking his mess out of me, without one clue that his wife was watching him. His tongue felt good and after he had licked up every drop of cum, he kept licking me, making my sensitive clit ache and throb. It didn’t take me long to cum again, but when I looked up she was gone and he was still focused on me. Next thing I knew, Derek damn near passed out, when out of nowhere, his wife…

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