Porn’s Problematic Issue Is Not My Issue At All Honey!

Porn’s problematic issue is not my issue because I don’t act.  I repeat I don’t act.  If it isn’t acting, then what are you doing? 


Porn’s problematic issue is vibrational.  Telephonic relief is all about vibing.  Good energy is very important to me.  That’s exactly why I say that porn’s problematic issue is not mine.  You see, porn is cool for a few minutes.  I get excited and feel that dopamine and serotonin rush.  I never get attached to my porn.  Never have I ever been attached to any particular porno star.  

Enough about me, let’s talk about porn’s problematic issue.  There is good porn and there is bad porn.  There are those that enjoy watching others, and there are those that prefer to participate.  Are you an observer or an active participant?  

Live shows on cam!  

Oh my!  Cam sites are great!  There is that added feature of interaction that porn misses.  Porn’s problematic issue is that we are missing the interaction.  Cam girls look right into the camera as if she is looking right at you.  When she smiles, her attention is directed towards you.  Porn’s problematic issue is that it wasn’t created just for you.  The Cam-girl isn’t just for you either.  So again we face the lack of intimacy, and disconnect that some of us need to bust that nut.  

Let me cater to you.  

Fulfill your fantasy in the most imaginative way.  Fashion the call in the manner you see fit.  The Phone Sex Kingdom is always in the top 10 for a reason.  PSK Girls all come with a willingness to drive you to victory.  Porn’s problematic issue is that it isn’t inspirational.  She isn’t reminding you of how great you are.  That chick on cam isn’t worried about how you feel or hear your confessions.  As a matter of fact, she may not even be in a private room with you most of the time.  They are always inviting others to play or peek in on the show.  A show focused on her body, but not your essence.  Let me watch you on cam and cheer you on.

As a telephonic relief artist, I understand that you need my undivided attention.  You come to me for sex therapy.  That 800 No. rings, and I’m excited to chat with you.  Porn’s problematic issue is that she isn’t that happy puppy that greets you at the door after a long day of work. When you don’t cum chew the fat with me, you get separation anxiety longing for my nurturing caring spirit.  

It’s just too much.

Porn’s problematic issue is that there is too much of it, and it is too drawn out.  Just pick a cam girl or a phone sex operator for your relief.  There is so much porn out there, and for free that by the time you find some that you can connect with and really find your groove, 10-minutes has gone by.  The meta description and title vaguely reveals what you are going to get.  With cam girls and telephonic relief specialists, you tell us what you want and we give it to you.  That includes porn watching aka phone sex porn

I’ll give you what you want.

Like a Genie in the lamp, just ask and your wish is my command.  Instead of sifting through tons of thumbnails for the perfect body and moan, load our Queens page and view our profiles.  Many of us, like myself, have SoundClouds with MP3 voice samples.  We will tell you what our restrictions are if there are any.  I’m no taboo, not the best dominant.  I can be a great switch after I’ve felt you out.  

After the porno is over, you might want to sniff her panties, view more of her vids, and possibly hear her scream your name. That is a long list of porn’s problematic issues. You don’t have to go through any of that when you call PSK Girls.  We tell you upfront if we sell pussy pops, panties, do loud noises, and saying your name is a given.  Many of us sell short clips and compilation vids as well. Don’t hurry to get that free porn when you can get customized clips tailored fit for your fetish. 

Fancy Me with Porn’s Problematic Issue!

Cum chew the fat with me.  I don’t personally sell panties and the sort.  I will sell you on a great time.  My voice is destined to tap into your imagination and milk your heavenly appendage.  Yell: SUCK MY DICK HEAUX!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke