Popping My Strip club Cherry

The night that Mitch took me out without telling me where we were going is a night I’ll never forget. It was going to be my first Strip Club. I felt extra sexy in my tight dark purple, low cut dress, and high black pumps. He arrived at the house right on time. I watched his eyes grow big as he eyed me from head to toe. I could feel my pussy tighten with desire and pleasure.

Once we got into the car he explained that we were going to head over to a fancy strip club. He wanted to watch me enjoy another girl dancing for me for the very first time. As we walked through the front door I was hit by many different sensations. The club smelt like raw, exotic, sex with an underlying scent of alcohol. Again, I could feel my sweet spot tingle some.

strip club

Mitch found us a nice booth and ordered us some drinks. I was so fixated on the dancers and how sexy their bodies looked. I turned to Mitch and asked if one of the girls could come dance for us. He called one over and she started dancing. God, the way her ass moved right in front of me turned me on so fast. I felt a sensation crawling up my leg and I immediately knew it was Mitch’s hand searching for my moist flesh.

After our dancer had finished Mitch grabbed her and me by the hand and led us to the back VIP room. He then asked her to help me strip naked. As I stood there I was in complete and udder disbelief but I was also very aroused by the whole thing. Her hands were so soft and gentle running over my body. Once she had me down to my G-string and bra I kissed her. Out of nowhere I put my lips to hers and kissed her deep and hard. I could hear the moan escape Mitch’s mouth while he watched us touch each other in that moment. We kissed for a few moments before Mitch asked her to take my thong and bra off. I was then standing completely naked in front of both of them.

Mitch stood and approached me. He put his hand around my back and guided me to the couch. He asked me to lie down on my back so that he could look over my whole body. Every inch of me was on fire! He asked our dancer to kneel at my head and press my shoulders into the couch. While she did that I could hear him unzipping his fly. I felt the warmth of his cock against my inner thigh. I knew right away that he was as hard as a rock!

He gently kissed my breasts and then tummy as he worked his way down. Before he got to my pussy he stopped…leaving me in complete agony. Without warning, he took is dick and slammed it into my tight pussy. I yelled out with pain, but also so much pleasure! I looked up into my dancers eyes and I could see how turned on she was by this whole thing.

Mitch started to pick up speed each time he pushed back in. Before I knew it I could feel my orgasm building strong and fast. I looked at Mitch and told him I was going to cum around his pleasure stick! Right then, our dancer covered my mouth with hers, and both Mitch and I gave out loud moans as we released ourselves to our orgasms.

Mitch taking me to this strip club is an experience I’ll never forget. I still get insanely wet when I think back on it. I’d love to have another experience at a strip club, but who will take me? 😉

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