Popped my BBC Cherry

I finally popped my BBC cherry. Until recently I have never had sex with black men. So many of my friends have been fucking black men for years. Some of my friends only fuck black cock. They have always said, “once you go black you will never go back”.  Honestly, I do not think that. To me a cock is cock and size does not matter that much to me. I really believe it is how a guy moves that really matters.

I have fucked my share of cocks. The guys with tiny cocks seem to work much harder than the guys with huge cocks. Big cocks are not like a magic wands, they need work too. I have always heard that black men have much larger cocks than white men. I decided to finally give it try. Think all men are sexy regardless of the color. The first black man I fucked had an average size penis nothing too exciting. I was not really impressed. I do however like how it looks when a big black cock is going in and out of my pretty little pink pussy.

Decided to fuck one more black guy to see if this time would be better.

He had a smoking hot body and a very nice cock. It was not the largest cock I have seen or had in my pussy but definitely very good. I have sucked a couple more BBC then I have had in my pussy. I have made an observation with black cocks versus white cocks. Black cocks seem to have a little more meat or flesh on them making them seem more squishy. Almost like they are not fully erect. White guys cocks seem to get harder, while black cocks seem more fleshy. I still do not have a preference on which cock I like better. I think I just like all cocks.

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