Polygamous Sex: Are Orgies and Side Pieces Better?

Polygamous sex is like a solidified orgy.  My husband (Jared) was a pack leader and I didn’t know it until the day he died.  I never understood why so many women just bowed at his feet.  Then along came my nymphomanic self with absolutely no self-control when it comes to my wilds.  Sadly, I turned an alpha into a cuck.  He died in the midst of a cuckold transformational sex escapade in a coffee shop bathroom.

Sister Wives

We had several sister wives that bowed before him as if he were a king.  These women would often be all scratched up or full of tattoos to cover their scars.  I never knew they would transform into their wolf form and share my husband.  Whenever I had an encounter, I shared my experience with him either by a video call or a recap shortly thereafter.

The recently departed would introduce me to these women to practice polygamous sex with.  They were on our ledgers for budgeting purposes.  Reverencing me, and respecting me as his head wife was never an issue.  When he courted them, I was present.  Approval for them to be welcomed into the fold was never denied because I’ve always trusted Jared’s (deceased husband) judgment and discretion.


I absolutely love Swingers Parties, gang bang, and a good train ran on me.  Yes, DP me!  The ladies are more like accessories.  After all, you can never have too many shoes, purses, and pieces of jewelry!  A good pair of tits in my mouth or a nice pack of balls; who cares!  I like them all!

As a college girl, orgies were grande.  As an adult, we have responsibilities and careers to protect.  Yet, we love having multiple people in our beds.  It is like eating from a buffet.

Side Pieces

Random sex is better than formulating a relationship and not giving that person a position.  Polygamous sex isn’t about random orgies and kinky sex with multiple people.  Side pieces tend to not have a place either and have the least amount of respect for your relationship because the act of copulation happens so frequently that the side piece becomes a threat.

I’d rather you buy a prostitute or have random sexual encounters than a side piece because they never respect the hierarchy and believe they are capable of taking my place.  Let’s just pick her out together and make her a sister wife.  We can have stress-free polygamous sex.  We had the best phone sex during the talking stage.  Now, I wouldn’t demote her for anything.  I see what he sees in her.  He needs her, just as much as I need him to have her.  A side piece could never graduate in this fashion.

Though I have random encounters, my husband Jared has always preferred loyal women.  My sister’s wives aren’t permitted to have other men.  They are his concubines and bound to him by oath and contract.  Like all dogs, my sister wives lick my bottom, are always sniffing my panties, and giggling with me about how Jared can cum for 15-minutes straight and never waiver.  His boner remains hard no matter which one of us he is breeding at the moment.

Cum play with me and hear more about his doggish ways.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke