Welcome To My Pokémon Sex Fantasy!

My first real vacation after retiring from my job as a Cerulean City Gym Leader is when my Pokémon sex fantasy began. I laid back in my chair on the beach, soaking up the warmth of the sun on my exposed skin. The sky was clear; the sand warm between my toes. It was a tropical paradise! My Golduck and Starmie were playing together on the beach having a blast. All that bliss, yet something was holding me back from relaxing on this perfect day. My old crush, Ash, was still on my mind.

The last time I was there on that beach, I was with Ash and our friend Brock as we were traveling together. Since then he traveled the world to become a Pokémon Master. I had never worked up the courage to tell him how I felt about him before he left. Sadly, I had missed two more chances when I visited him in Hoenn and Alola! I always regretted watching him fade into the distance each time I came back home to Kanto.

Now, I’m almost thirty years old and I still haven’t gotten over my crush. It was time to make my Pokémon sex fantasy a reality!

So I decided that’s what I wanted to do: spend my vacation with Ash wherever he was! Feeling determined, I called him and nervously chatted him up. I found out he was home visiting his mom and Mr. Mime! He agreed to go on a date before he left to travel again. I sprung up, apologized to my Pokémon for interrupting their playtime, and called out Gyarados. I rode on his back as we all surfed all the way to Pallet Town.

That very night, I met Ash we met in the isolated forest near Route 1 for our camping date. I couldn’t wait to see him!

This was where we first met – a perfect setting for my Pokémon sex fantasy! We laid under the stars chatting for hours. While we talked, I thought of how he would taste. My Golduck and Togekiss played with his Pikachu and Squirtle next to the river. The warm, golden light of the fire set the perfect mood. I was surprised when he rolled over and kissed me in the middle of our conversation; he was always so oblivious. I guess I was too, since I didn’t even know he returned my feelings. This was a dream come true after so many years!

Alone in our tent, I pulled his body against mine for a sensual hug. Kissing, hands roaming, we fell down on top of our sleeping bags.

With Ash laying on top of me, I felt how hard he was underneath his jeans. Thankfully it was dark so he couldn’t see how hard I was blushing. My cheeks were probably as red as my hair! As he caressed up my long legs, his fingers wandered up into my short shorts, teasing the outside of my pussy lips. It didn’t take long for us to begin helping each other get out of those clothes, the same outfits we had worn for so long. I will say it took a fair bit of convincing to get him out of his hat, though.

After we were naked I pulled him in for another passionate kiss. Finally out of my jean shorts and yellow tank top, he explored my naked body. I moaned as he fondled my creamy breasts, teasing my hard nipples. Our heavy breathing, gasps and moans, drowned out the sounds of the forest and Pokémon outside. Laying him down gently, I got on top of him. His hard cock slid into my pussy easily from how wet I was. I had to bite my tongue to avoid moaning loudly as I felt every inch of him entering me. Deep and hard, this was the ultimate Pokémon sex fantasy. Ash didn’t do such a good job keeping quiet, which only turned me on so much more.

Fueled by nearly fifteen years of built-up desire, I had enough energy to go all night. This Pokémon sex fantasy had driven me wild so long!

I alternated my pace between fast and slow, my lean body riding him with unbridled passion. He came fast and hard, spilling his seed deep inside me. I could feel my thighs getting sticky, but he didn’t want to stop. After a while we switched positions, and he guided me onto my hands and knees. Hands on my waist, he slid deep inside me from behind. Ash pounded his cock into me roughly, moaning with every thrust. Soon I could feel his dick pulsating as he groaned his release and filled my pussy again. Crying his name, I came hard as my pussy tightened all around him, a real shaking orgasm.

Spent, we laid down and promptly started to fall asleep. Before I drifted off, I finally said what I should have so long ago. I told him I had always loved him. It was the best Pokémon sex fantasy experience I’ve ever had.

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