Please Mistress was all I could think as she walked in

I am sitting at the bar at the resort while on vacation.  The resort is upscale with 2- and 3-bedroom condos.  The wife is out with her friends for the day shopping while the rest men went golfing. Not being much a golfer, I decided to stay back at the condo. While I was having lunch and a drink, walked in a beautiful woman.  As she moved closer to the bar, I was hoping. She came to the open seat next to me. My fantasy woman… My mind kept repeating ” Please Mistress”

She walked up

“Hello my name is Dawn. Do you mind if I sit next to you?” she asked.  I assured her the seat was open for her and ordered her a drink. We sat and chatted for a half hour or so then Dawn asked if I would walk her back to her room. I paid for the drinks and we went to her room. I am sure she noticed me staring at her hot body the entire time we were at the bar and as we walked up to her door.

Dawn invited me in for another drink.

I sat on the couch as she went to change and get the drinks. It was a surprise when she returned dressed in a hot leather skirt, tall black boots, and no shirt.  Dawn sat down on the couch next to me. She barely had time to sit when I began kissing and sucking her breasts.  Dawn seemed to enjoy the attention for a few minutes when suddenly she pushed my head back firmly.   I asked if she was okay. “Yes, Steve but don’t think you are in charge”. Dawn grabbed my hand a lead me into her bedroom.  I knew I was in for some punishment and fun when I walked in. Hanging on the wall was a couple leather straps and other adult toys.

Mistress Dawn ordered me to undress and bend over on the bed.

Promising me more time with her breasts if I would obey her commands. Leaning over the bed with my ass in the air I could hear Mistress Dawn grabbing one of the straps from the wall.  You might think I was worried about what she would do to me but my mind was focused on her luscious breasts.  I couldn’t wait until I was allowed to put my lips on them again.

My ass began to hurt

as I realized Mistress Dawn was smacking my ass over and over. She was scolding me for playing with her breasts without permission.  How did she expect me to keep from touching her beautiful tits when she had come into the room without a shirt.  “ Please Mistress Dawn I am sorry for touching you without asking.  Please Mistress I will never do that again.” She stopped and asked me to turn around, of course, I quickly obeyed.

“Steve you can play with my breasts,”

Mistress Dawn said.  The words barely escaped her lips when my tongue was licking her nipples.  I was so excited that all I could focus on was how much enjoyment I was having.   Dropping to my knees I lifted up Mistress Dawn’s skirt and was licking her sweet juices.  She seemed to enjoy this too so I was startled when I felt Mistress Dawn grabbing my hair and throwing me across the bed.  She scolded me for leaving her breasts to lick her special juices without permission.

Mistress Dawn punished me again smacking ass repeatedly.

It hurt so bad but was worth every smack. We made sweet love once I learned my lesson. I was able to get back to my condo just in time. Every time I saw Mistress Dawn while I was on vacation my ass hurt but my mouth ached for her luscious body.  I can tell you I did have fun with Mistress Dawn but was not able to show my bare ass to my wife for quite a few days. ~ Steve

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