Dirty Sex Stories with Dawn

Dirty sex stories, I have them, My own and others true stories. Like what this guy wants to do to me He sent me this story because he loves MILF phone sex with me…

I was thinking about you just this afternoon. while I was in my truck, driving to our hunting & fishing camp for a father & son weekend. I was overcome with devilish thoughts about how I was going to make you cum the next time….

My son caught me daydreaming, so it was back to reality! But all was not lost. The rain stopped and the sun came out. I opened the sunroof and cranked up the music and there you were again and the hot phone sex with you.

I imagined you sitting right next to me, wearing a low cut top and loose shorts. Stealing glances at your beautiful breasts as they jiggled in a barely there bra. You parted your legs and I slid my right hand from your knees slowly up your thigh. I moved my hand easily under the hem of your shorts…. Feel the heat at your crotch.

I pushed your panties aside and found your soaking wet pussy. And, I easily pushed two fingers into your dripping pussy as deep as I could reach… you tried to arch your back. I began pinching and rubbing your clit. You drenched my hand with your cum, screaming how good it felt. I drove as fast as I could, the last three miles to the cabin.

   Once there I grabbed you by the hand, led you into the bunk room.

I told you to stand between two bunks and strip naked. While I grabbed some old clothes line rope and tied your arms above your head to the uprights on the bunk on either side of you. I ordered you to spread your legs wide. I tied each ankle to the legs of the bunk on either side of you. Now I stood back to get a good look at your beauty, standing naked and restrained in the late afternoon sunlight.

Your breathing was heavy, those magnificent breasts rising and falling with each breath. Your eyes were wide with anticipation. I began to spank you ass…one cheek then the other. All you could do was moan and beg me to give you the release you crave. I covered your pussy with my hand….it was soaked, complete with a puddle of your cunt juices on the floor. Grabbing your head between my big hands and kissed you deeply. I ran my fingers through your hair and looked at you again….

Thinking how fortunate am I to have this beautiful woman in my hands waiting for her sexual release. I began pulling and pinching your nipples slowly stretching them till they were rock hard. Your orgasm came in waves drenching my leg I had placed between your thighs… Damn, I love cheap phone sex with you Dawn.

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