I Met My Old Teacher At Our Reunion

Last week I went to a high school reunion, saw people I hadn’t seen since the day I graduated. I saw my old favorite teacher as well, and he was looking as sexy as ever. I always had a crush on him and acted a bit provocatively as well many times trying to get his attention. He remembered me when I went up to say hello. And I was surprised how friendly he was being after all these years. We sat at a table by ourselves in the corner and caught up. He asked if I’d like to continue our conversation up at his nearby cabin and I said yes.

I Had Plenty Or Fantasies About Him

teacher cj

We drove up in his car and chatted all the way. He said he’d been attracted to me when I was his student. But of course he couldn’t risk his job or anything illegal, so never acted on it. I said I’d had teacher fantasies all these years because of him. And I knew once we arrived at his cabin, we would be having some fun together. And I was right. I told him I’d wanted him for so long I couldn’t wait. We arrived there a few minutes later and were kissing and undressing. As we made our way to his bedroom after getting in the door.

I Loved The Way His Cock Felt In Me

We were soon naked and I was already wet in anticipation .  He slid his cock between my cunt lips and fucked me. I wrapped my legs around him and squeezed his ass cheeks. And pulled him as deep inside as I could get him. He pounded my pussy very well and said he’d waited so long to fuck me. I love d the way his cock felt in me, he was around fifteen years older than me. But he had a lot of stamina and was a good lover. And I was so glad I’d gone to that reunion tonight.

I Did Everything He Told Me To Do

He took out his cock and told me to suck it and I did so willingly. He was hard and dripping pre cum and I loved his sweet taste. And then he grabbed a fist full of my hair and was just fucking my mouth. And he was telling me what a good girl I was and I loved it so much. I was pretending in my mind I was still a teen and him my handsome teacher. So forbidden and sexy to think that.

It Was A Fantasy Come True

He shot his hot load down my throat and I loved every drop. And once he finished draining his balls, he told me to sit on his face. He said that he wanted to lick my pussy and I gladly sat on my former teacher’s face. He was good at licking pussy and I rode that tongue of his for what seemed like ages. And he was damned good at it. And I came all over his face more than once. We spent the whole night fucking and talking and I couldn’t believe when he drove me back to my car I’d fucked my old teacher, it was just so hot, and the fulfillment of a many years old fantasy come true.
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