I went to a Fetish sex party on Saturday.

It was advertised on a Fetish site I go on. It was about half an hour away and I didn’t know anyone there so I thought I’d go and have some anonymous fun.

I showed up at the party just after 10 pm and it was already in full swing. Literally, I saw a couple playing with a sex swing in the living room.

I wandered in and out of the rooms, getting the lay of the land but nothing grabbed my attention. The basement was the last room I went into and I was down there for quite a while.

The owner had turned it into a dungeon with restraints on the wall and a table full of different sex toys.

A few people were playing with the items on offer and I watched them. A guy came up behind me and wrapped his arm around my waist. He said I looked lonely but I wouldn’t be for long. He led me to one of the walls and pushed me against it. Then he grabbed my arm and put it in one of the restraints then did the same with my other arm. Then he reached down and unzipped my skirt. It fell to the floor and then he slid my panties down. I liked where this was going until he left and came back with a pair of scissors. I got nervous but knew he wouldn’t hurt me in a house full of people so I relaxed.

He cut my top off which pissed me off but what I was about to experience was good enough to make my anger go away.

He dropped the scissors and ran his hand up my thigh. Then he cupped my pussy and slid a finger inside. He moved it around and I wriggled against it. He moved a bit faster and I was starting to get into it when he stopped. So he stepped back and said that it was time for other people to enjoy me. He walked away and left me there.

Soon other partygoers wandered into the basement and saw me standing there helpless and naked.

A man and woman came over to me; she held my breast in her hand and bent down. She sucked on my nipple until it hardened then moved on to the next one. Her mouth felt nice and warm on me. I moaned and she moved to stand beside me. She started kissing my neck while the man stood in front of me and unzipped his pants. He took his dick out and waited for my response. I just nodded and parted my legs for him.

He pushed himself inside and grabbed me. He pulled me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. So he held my waist as he fucked me.

Every time he pushed in I felt my back scrape on the wall and the Handcuffs rubbed my wrists raw.

It only added to my Fetish pleasure. I let myself go and just let him fuck me. He started moving faster and his fingers dug into my skin. I felt his cum fill me and I moved against him, trying to cum as well. It didn’t take long and I came just before he pulled out of me.

     The woman stopped kissing me and they left me there waiting for the next person to come along.

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