Handcuffs can be such an exciting way to play!

I love Handcuffs and all things kinky so I was excited about the upcoming night.

 All day long this guy I’ve been seeing dropped hints that we were going to have a fun night. I asked what he had planned but he wouldn’t tell me. He always gives me the best surprises so I knew that it would be good.

That night after dinner he told me to go upstairs, get naked and wait for him. I couldn’t wait to see what he was going to do and practically ran to my room. I got undressed and sat on the bed waiting for him. He came in carrying a small bag. I asked what was in it but he told me to be quiet. Obeying him I did as I was told.

 I sat and watched as he got undressed. He told me to lie down and close my eyes. I did and I heard the bag rustle. He walked to me and took my arm. He lifted it and put it against the headboard.

I felt something cold on me and heard a click. I immediately knew what that was. It was my old friend Mr. Handcuffs. I was being Restrained.

He took my other arm and handcuffed it to the headboard as well. I opened my eyes and saw him looking down at me. His hand began playing with my breasts and my nipples hardened. He rubbed one between his fingers and I moaned.  He rubbed it harder and hard until it became painful. Hissing from the pain he asked if I wanted him to stop. I didn’t, the pain was making me very wet. I told him to keep going but he didn’t.

 He went to the bag and pulled something shiny out of it. He came closer and I saw a chain with clips on each end of it. Nipple clamps.

I lost mine ages ago and never got around to replacing them. He put a clip on each nipple. They were tight and squeezed painfully. I loved it and my juices were running down my thighs. He straddled me and I pushed my hips up, trying to get him in me. My arms moved when I did that and he leaned forward. Undoing the handcuffs he put them on tighter. He told me that he didn’t want me moving at all as the steel bit into my skin.

Spreading my legs he held his dick. He ran it along my pussy, driving me crazy. I kept moving, wanting it in me. He put the tip in then stopped. He told me to beg so I did. I told him I wanted it, I wanted him to fuck me, fuck me hard like a little whore. I needed him.

He shoved deep inside in one hard move.

He pounded in and out of me, making my body move under him. My wrists were being rubbed raw against the handcuffs. He continued to fuck me as my wrists, nipples, and pussy burned with pain. The pain and the pounding he was giving me were too much and I came. He kept fucking me and I came a second time.

My clit was super sensitive now and it hurt every time he brushed against it. I couldn’t stop myself from squirming away from him and he asked if it hurt. I said it did and he gave a few more thrusts before finally cumming.

     He pulled out of me and undid my Handcuffs as I lay there enjoying the lasting feeling of pain.

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