Stay tuned, let’s play the girlfriend experience! Let’s Play Girlfriend Experience. Control Me Now!

Okay. So, when last we met up we talked, I said, “Let’s play girlfriend experience! I was telling you about my being able to pay my way through Law School with a little “slap-and-tickle” on the side, right? Well, let me tell you, that after the Senator stopped me cold on the name I gave him, Ahsley, I calmed down more. He needed to Play Girlfriend Experience with me. Turns out, he wasn’t just good-looking, he was smarter than I had anticipated. 

He played games better than most politicians and I loved every bit of it. Hey, paying for Law School isn’t a cheap endeavor, and this was a great option for doing it easily. I have too much pressure as is.  So, doing something I LOVE was the best way to reach my goals. Did I mention, I LOVE to fuck? LOL. I would bet cash money, you have one like me nearby keeping lustful neighborhood secrets right under your nose!

Oooh, Let’s Play Girlfriend Experience!

The good senator turned me on to two friends, who then, turned me on to two of their friends, and so on… My schedule has been packed with satisfied clients and I’m almost out of debt. How do I get to know these men? It’s really simple. My agency asked a lot of questions to determine what I like, what my limits are, and how far I’m willing to travel to get the job done. But, it’s not all about me. As I said before, my real thrill in getting the job done is giving YOU what you need.

The Play Girlfriend Experience… With Friends.

Let me get to know you. I mean really know you. Sometimes, I’ll know you even better than those closest to you. You know, the ones who THINK they can read you. They can’t. Why? Because there’s always a part of you that will be walled off to them. Things they may judge you for. I won’t. How can I judge someone who just wants to be FREE in some part of their lives? To let loose and just…be.

However, in the play girlfriend experience, my goal is to get BOTH of us off! I want you to know me as deeply as I know YOU! I want to make that connection where the moment I hear your voice, I tingle with anticipation. So, you see, girls like me need it too. Is it that hard to believe?

Sometimes, The Experience is Like Walking a Tightrope.

Accordingly, in my day-to-day, I work in an office full of people who think they know me too. If they only did. Don’t get me wrong. I’m judged even more harshly than maybe you would be. Moreover, men have a bit of the freak in you too. But, women are painted with a different, and far more harsh brush than men. They would grope me and perhaps force me, in their minds. Not that they don’t already do that. I know what I’m working with. I experience it every time my boss needs to “chat with me” behind closed doors. Stay tuned, let’s play girlfriend experience!

Besides, the way he sits with his legs spread, with the burgeoning hard-on, and his hand hovering ever so close to it. Trying to act as if my looks don’t affect him. Ha! Oh, there is so much more to me than just sex. But, all he sees while looking at me, is a cute, young, babydoll for his pleasure. I glance at the framed photo of his wife of twenty years and I know. Maybe she has let herself go, gained some pounds, or maybe she’s just become cold.

But, This Experience Doesn’t Have to End Things for You at Home.

So, do it! Make the call and see what happens when you open the door to your hotel room. Look into the eyes of a woman who is there to do it ALL. Every naughty thought that no one else can know. Let me in. Moreover, I’ve even branched out to phone sex for the busy guys with no time for hotels. Give me a ring and see how I can change your world! So, more about that later. 


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