Lustful Neighborhood Secrets Turn the Tables on Debauchery!

Lustful neighborhood secrets create mad sexual tension! For the past month, I’ve been tasting another woman’s juices on my boyfriend’s dick.  I tried everything to make him be true to me, but nothing has changed.  So, I decided to get even.

Last week, when he was “working late”, I went to a little neighborhood hole in the wall, wearing my little plaid skirt & nothing underneath!  The glittery halter exposed my tits. So, there were eyes on me the minute I walked in.

Lustful Neighborhood Secrets Run Deep.

After a scotch or two, I picked the best-looking guy in the bar, walked over, and sat next to him.  I slid my hand up his thigh, gripping it as I did and I whispered “I need to get fucked, NOW!  Can you help me?” He coughed up his tequila in disbelief. Then, he grabbed my hand and rushed me into the Lady’s room.

Locking the door, he turned to find me already sitting on the edge of the sink with my legs spread; exposing my waxed & perfectly pink pussy.

Lustful Neighborhood Secrets Create Mad Sexual Tension!

“I don’t…” he stammered…

“Shut the fuck up! I need cock, not talk, dammit!” For a moment, even was shocked by the strength of my need and the tone of my demand. But, it sure did light a fire under that fucker!

With that, he quickly unzipped a stiff-8-inch-cock & slid it directly into me. For the most part, he wasn’t a bad fuck.  Not as good as my man, but good enough for what I needed.  I felt him start to cum & locked my legs around him so he couldn’t pull out.  He shot a load straight into me and I finally loosened my grip and let him go.

I grabbed a long run of paper towels to mop up my sloppy wet pussy, and without giving him a glance, made at least a three-point free-shot into the can behind him.

You Can’t Hide from Lustful Neighborhood Secrets!

I grabbed a pair of clean panties from my purse (yes, girls carry spare clean panties! Duh!), pulled them up, and smoothed them right in front of him before I blew him a kiss.  And with that, I got my cute little ass home.

So, when I got there, I greeted my man wearing different panties. I gave him a long, passionate kiss. Then, I started undressing him too. Next, I grabbed his cock and started stroking him as I force-fed him my pussy. He hesitated for a few moments and breathed me in while eating me. I knew he tasted another man’s spunk over-flowing from my tight little hole.  But, by then, with my thighs clamped around his head, he had no choice but to tongue-fuck me until I let go and had my second release in as many hours! Shhh! These are lustful neighborhood secrets!

“You cheat… I cheat, mother fucker!” That’s How Neighborhoods Work!

“Now, we can talk about this all fucking night, or you can keep drinking another man’s cum. I vote for the latter, but you know… Anyway, you slice it, I”m getting my revenge, Baby! And this, oh, this hasn’t even BEGUN yet. Trust me! What? Look, it’s NOT like I just want to fuck randomly. I looked like a peeping Tom checking for him through his windows from the street! But, a girl does what she needs to do. Lustful neighborhood secrets create a problem! So, don’t ask me why I have a whole break-in kit in the trunk of my car! Mind your business, thank you. Hahaha.

Call my phone sex hotline Monday-Saturday, noon-midnight to dig into your deepest desires. You know, the ones that scare the hell out of you?

Start your own Secrets with Me!

Maybe, you’ll cum up with new ways to get excited? Me? Oh, I’m gonna keep on fucking as I please with my lustful neighborhood secrets. It seems that he’s released a sex demon in me. And you can’t stuff a genie back into the bottle! Besides, it’s his fault this all got started anyway.

Kiss, kiss.

Just JoeyLustful Neighborhood Secrets