cheating wife is hungry so she calls for Pizza!

Sometimes I wish I was still married, being a cheating wife always brought such a thrill to my sex life. I had really been craving pizza, more so, the Pizza boy they just hired was a looker. I hadn’t had one in a couple of months and decided to splurge and treat myself and got a nice big one that would last for a few meals. Plus my cunt was aching for a good cheating wife fuck. I asked for the new guy and the owner just laughed. He knew who to send his employees to. Funny how his delivery guys loved bringing me pizza! This one, he looked so young, I bet he was just barely out of high school. I invited him in to put the pizza on the counter while I paid him, he said I was his last delivery for the day.

I asked if he’d like a drink and he asked if was married, I told him he was not the only one who will feed my cheating wife addiction, he blushed. I bet they all fought over my pizza! I got out a couple of beers and he sat down and we had the pizza together. He was kind of shy so I knew I was going to have to make the first move here if I wanted to get anywhere. I told him he was cute and did he have a girlfriend? He said there were a few chicks he liked but they were all interested in guys with cash, a Pizza Delivery Boy was not a great paying job, but he survived just fine.  I asked him if that meant he was a virgin? He just blushed said yes. I took him by the hand and walked him to my bedroom.

I sat him on the edge of the bed and started to undress him and he didn’t stop me. I took my own clothes off and he was beet red, but the bulge in his shorts told me he was plenty aroused. I finished getting his clothes off and laid him back on the bed and straddled him and lowered my pussy down onto his teenage cock and rode up and down. It was no surprise that he was so excited it being his first time and all that he blew in around two minutes, but he was ready for round two in a few minutes. We fucked all night long and he got his first blow job as well and I told him how to lick pussy and he was a fast learner. This cheating wife really knew how to guide the young and hot. I told him quickly that it is a shame for all the girls his age to waste their time on money. Great sex is priceless! Plus with a cock like his and a willingness to learn just how to please, all of my cheating wife urges thank those money hungry little whores!

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