Piss Fetish

I love sex in the shower, I’ve always found it highly sensual and arousing. My current lover and I do it in there frequently and we also indulge in a dirty little secret. We like golden showers in the shower and usually don’t get in until our bladders are quite full. He loves for me to sensually caress his cock and lick the tip of it a few times and then he does piss all over my tits, making my nipples get quite hard at the very thought of his pee dripping all over me mixing with the hot water. I then suck on his dick and wait for that creamy load all over my face.

piss in the shower

Then it’s my turn. An orgasm on a full bladder feels extra hot and I love to masturbate with the shower massager when I’m alone and piss in there as well, when he’s with me though, he likes to get on his back and hold the water massager right on my clit and the orgasm is always a blockbuster from the intensity of the water hitting my clit, but also because I have to pee so bad. In the position he’s in laying on his back and holding the massager on my clit, when I let go when I cum, I pee all over his chest. Golden showers can be quite the prelude to hot sex if both people are into it.

He usually then wants to get back off and bend me over and fuck the shit out of me, pounding me so hard I can barely keep my balance. He is a vigorous lover and really likes to use my pussy well, especially after a golden shower, then we soap each other up and go to the bed for another round of fucking. The first time we tried a golden shower, he asked if I’d ever done that before and I said a boyfriend of mine years ago had asked me to try it a few times and I found it fun, he’d make me drink and drink, water, iced tea, wine, anything to make me have a full bladder and make me keep it up until I was ready to burst and then he’d lead me into the shower and we’d piss all over each other.

He then asked if I’d like to try another golden shower experience with him, that he was also quite into it and he wanted to feel me peeing on him and then lick me clean, he was a dirty bastard, and I loved it. I liked it dirty and occasionally I also liked it rough, and this fit the bill. Sometimes after giving him a blow job, he’d even slap my face with his cock. I loved being his piss covered whore, and had no intention of stopping. A few times as we fucked in the shower with him laying on the floor of the tub, I even pissed on him when he had his dick inside of me and he loved it dripping all over his balls and the base of his cock and down the crack of his ass.

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