My friend Kayla is REALLY into piss fetish sex. So is her boyfriend.

Piss fetish sex isn’t for everyone. Some people think being into watersports means nothing but slurping up golden showers. Not so. I recently decided to take on a roommate, not because I needed one financially — but because he and his gang of totally fucking wild, shameless friends add a LOT of fun (and sex) to my life.

The first character I’ll write about here in his lineup of deviant, degenerate associates is a thin, tall, dark-haired girl named Kayla. We live in a small town and rumors run rampant. At first blush, I saw Kayla as a mild-mannered, timid waif type. Apparently, I was way off. My roommate, Jay, told me that as teenagers they used to get tons of free beer from frat parties by working together to pull off their usual, twisted scheme. Jay would start piling beers (and draining kegs) to take home while Kayla would create a diversion. Apparently, her typical diversion (of choice) was to have her boyfriend piss in her mouth. What a freak!

Anyway, Kayla is the kind of girl who gets an ass tattoo of her ex-boyfriend’s name on her ass cheek after they broke up. Bitch is crazy. And fun. Not to mention funny as hell. We started warming up to each other more lately, and what can I say — she’s started to break the fourth (closeted pervert) wall. I can’t get enough of her company, honestly. As I was giving her a massage today (in between us enjoying glasses of my favorite wine) she suddenly asked me:

“Have you ever had a guy pee inside you while you’re fucking?”

“Um, no, actually,” I answered. I wasn’t taken aback. But I was interested. I’m always intrigued to hear about kinks even my callers haven’t mentioned. I do enjoy fetish phone sex best of all.

“It takes a lot of focus,” she explained as I kneaded her shoulders, making my way towards her small but perky breasts with my oiled-up fingers.

I thought back to when I sold my first pair of piss soaked panties as a phone sex operator. It really had taken quite a bit of “focus” to piss my panties. I’d gone against basically every “muscle memory” ingrained in me since I was a toddler! It was hard. I remember sitting over the toilet, wearing the panties, forcing myself to piss even though I knew I was pissing inside them.

“Yeah, that totally makes sense,” I said, flipping her over sensually.

I’d heard that Kayla and her boyfriend were into some shit that was rumor-starting material, to put it mildly. I’d met him a few times — he was a real bad boy, face tattoos, long hair, motorcycle, etc. He was cute. Kayla was sexy. But it was still hard for me to picture him peeing inside her. Especially where I’d heard they’d done it before — on a stranger’s lawn in front of a crowd of drunk onlookers.

“He loves pissing inside me. It feels really good to me, too.”

I could feel her relaxing as I applied more pressure, and perhaps as she let herself slip deeper into the memory of the last time her boyfriend had filled her pussy with his hot piss. I liked how dirty she was. Her piss fetish sex story turned me on. I started to think about how much fun it might be if I had them both over. Maybe while all of had been “holding it” for a while, for example, if you catch my drift.

I wondered what had made him even think of peeing in (or on) her tight pussy. I slid a finger towards her cunt, wanting to give her a “happy ending” to her massage. She was so horny, I could tell.

“You still want my fingers inside you even if I don’t pee in there?” We both laughed.

Do you have a piss fetish sex story of your own to share with me? Or maybe we could role play something involving your cock inside me, letting out a nice hot, steamy stream of you-know-what? Or perhaps I could piss inside YOU, using a pee mate? That sounds like my brutal femdom humiliation dream CUM true!

What are you waiting for? I’m right here, waiting for your call.

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