First off before I start my story do you know what pile driving is? Have you ever done it?

Pile Driver: A somewhat challenging sexual position which has the receiver lay on their back. usually on a padded floor, with their lower back and legs raised all the way up so that their ankles are either side of (and beyond) their own head.

I didn’t bother to look up what it was when my guyfriend had asked me to try it, apparently one of his friends had done it at a party to this girl who had gloated about being really flexible. Adam knew how flexible I could be from our previous romps so when he asked me to try it I eagerly said yes (gotta try everything once within reason!) so after classes were done for the day I drove over to his place. Out of all the guys I fuck and have fucked Adam (besides my brother) was my favorite for a great deal of reasons.

He showered everyday and never bathed himself in axe, he was a fitness freak, he was a great listener, he loved to try new things, and most importantly he had a really big cock and he knew how to use it! Adam was good looking, for a guy with so many tattoo’s and piercings he wasn’t my usual type but for him it just worked. So when he laid me out on the soft carpet and instructed me to bring my legs up and bring my ankles as close to my head as possible I did so without hesitation.

It wasn’t the easiest position breathing was a little difficult but none the less when he slid a finger into my already damp pussy that finger easily found my spot and I was moaning, Adam waited till I was soaked to insert his nice big 10 inch cock into my pussy. He began to pile drive my pussy, I try not to be a screamer but I couldn’t help it, feeling his massive cock pounding in and out left me moaning and quickly falling into a intense orgasm. I’d had 2 before I started to feel light headed from the blood going to my head.

“We need to stop” I told him but he ignored me and continued to pound my pussy not letting me up. “Just a little longer…almost there” He panted and groaned out and sped up. Pounding away at my soaked pussy, I was as soaked as a firehose and Adam was loving it, but spots were beginning in my vision. I tried to move again but he would not allow it instead he just kept going, I was on the verge of passing out by the time he came inside of my pussy.

Releasing me and collapsing on the floor beside me we both panted, I was sprawled out on the floor trying to catch my breath and blink away the spots. “We should do that again” he said.

“Yea” I agreed, there was something really really hot about not only being pile drived but being forced into a position of coming so close to passing out.

Do you wanna give it a try?



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