Yes, I know how hot I am. So, when a sexy photographer offers a free photoshoot, I am sure as hell saying yes. However, I am not expecting the photographer fuckfest session we end up having.

Indeed, I am more than happy to jump his bones. For a mature guy, is he smokin’ hot. His work is well known, and it is awesome that he wants to do a session with me.

His suggestion for the shoot is a weekend trip to Miami Beach for some amazing pictures. Furthermore, he is also offering to cover all the costs. Who am I to say no to all this free fun?!

Looks like this girl is heading to a photographer fuckfest session in sunny Florida!

Not only is he making the arrangements for our trip, but he is also flying us down on a private jet. Alex, the photographer, is a well-known guy and does work for the rich and famous.

This week, he was in our town for an event. I am at work when he sees me and says he has to have me for a shoot. However, he didn’t mention all the rest of the bonuses that he shares with me later!

Nor did he mention the upcoming photographer fuckfest session he is planning once he has me in Miami. Now, you all know what wild girl I am. So, I am going to love any kinky fun he brings me.

And with how he is flirting with me, I can tell he is into me.

The flight down on the jet is so smooth and easy. Once we arrive in Miami, a limousine picks us up and takes us to a beautiful home. Turns out, it is one of Alex’s homes.

Yes, he has multiple homes. The house is right on Biscayne Bay and a perfect place for the photographer fuckfest session. Rather large and absolutely beautiful. Of course, he puts me in a bedroom next to the master bedroom.

He is making it easier to get to me when he is ready to start the photographer fuckfest session.

Although, for all I know, he has something with more people planned. And, let’s be honest, I would love a huge orgy with a ton of rich and famous people here on Miami Beach!

What a blast that would be for all of us. I guarantee I can teach them a thing or two about kinky sex. Before any of that, though, Alex has multiple shooting schedules for us while we are here.

Today, we are doing some shots at his place. He has me get into a sexy swimsuit and pose by his pool and on his big boat. Something tells me we will have our hot photographer fuckfest session today.

As we are doing the photo session, he is complimenting me.

Then, he asks if I am comfortable going without the swimsuit top. I tell him, “Of course, I am!” Quickly, I take it off, and we get back into taking pictures. His cock is starting to get hard.

As a professional, he is doing his best not to let it rise. After quite a few shots, he announces we have enough for today and can play the rest of the day.

Yes, let the fun and photographer fuckfest session begin. He comes up behind me and slides his hands into the swimsuit bottoms. His fingers quickly find my wet pussy.

“Oh, you are ready for me, aren’t you!” he chuckles.

I turn, lay a  kiss on him, and grab his stiff rod. Dropping to my knees, I pull it out of his pants and show him my amazing cock sucking skills. We are both naked and fucking in the pool in no time.

His dick is nice, and he has amazing sexual skills. This weekend is going to be epic! To hear the rest of what happens, feel free to call me for some taboo phone sex!

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