My interaction with my celebrity crush is so much more than I have been dreaming. In fact, it is super kinky and crazy. This fetish-loving celebrity is totally wild and crazy in the bedroom.

As our fun is starting, he can’t wait to taste my pussy. He goes down on me, making me cum in no time at all. I love how eager he is to please me. Of course, I was thinking it was going to be all about him. Nope.

After pleasing me orally, he asks if I mind if he wears my panties. He catches me off guard; however, I love the idea and say yes. To be honest, he is looking super sexy in my panties!

Turns out, this fetish loving celebrity is a blast to play with!

After he gets into my panties, he goes down to my feet. First, he is playing with my toes and gently massaging them. The next thing I know, he is sucking them one toe at a time.

He is so good at it, and I am getting creamy wet. Wow, that is insanely arousing and feels amazing. As he is sucking the toes, he is massaging the rest of my feet. He must have some special skills.

I have never felt a foot massage like this in my life. My fetish-loving celebrity has mad skills. I honestly feel like I could cum if he keeps going, and soon, I actually climax again.

Looking down at him, he is smiling from ear to ear.

It turns out he is trained in Karma Sutra and more. Our night is just starting. Then, he asks permission to rub his cock with the panties on against the soles of my feet.

Who am I to say no to the man that just gave me two amazing orgasms? Of course, go right ahead and do what makes you happy, panty man! He holds my feet flat and rubs my fetish-loving celebrity rubs his cock against them.

I feel the warm cum through the material of the panties as it leaks onto the soles of my feet. He is moaning loudly.

My fetish-loving celebrity announces we need drinks and party supplies.

We go into the living room. He fixes us a drink and puts out some yummy party supplies for us. I cannot get over the fact that I am in this suite with him. Even though he is mature, he is so fucking sexy.

In fact, he is even sexier in my panties!! Never in a million years did I dream of this moment. As we are drinking and fooling around, we are also having fun and laughing too.

It is an incredible time. And, I am having the time of my life with him. This fetish-loving celebrity is so much better because he is kinky like me. He leans down and whispers, it is time to fuck my young pussy now.

I literally get so wet I am leaking out.

He pulls me up, bends me over the couch. He pulls off my panties and shoves his big dick deep inside me. God, that feels so fucking good! At first, he uses deep, slow strokes.

Then, he grabs my hips and drives himself fast and hard inside me. He is making my ass and tits jiggle. I am moaning as he fucks me hard. Soon we both have a screaming climax together.

It is going to be an amazing night with my fetish-loving celebrity, and I am ready for the fun! Curious to hear more? Call me for some hot fetish phone sex!

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