I love hitting the clubs with my friends. Especially when there is a big event going on at school or in town with celebrities attending, if people get lucky, they can have some hot celebrity sex.

A lot of my famous people crushes are mature actors and actresses. Of course, they attend a lot of our events. And, one of the clubs usually hosts something special when a celebrity is in town to attract them.

My girlfriend, Cindy, and I both love older men. This weekend is one such event, and we are hitting the club to meet the honored guests in town.

I am hoping for some of that hot celebrity sex for myself!

As Cindy and I are getting ready, we make sure we look classy and not cheap and trashy. Then, we head out to the club. It isn’t too busy yet as we arrive.

Once things start to get a little busier, we start dancing and having a blast. We are having so much fun; we don’t even notice when the essential guests arrive.

They are A-list crushes, only on the mature side. And, we both want hot celebrity sex with them. The funny part is, they notice us before we see them.

One of their assistants comes up to us on the dance floor to invite us to their table.

Of course, inside the two of us are a bundle of bouncing nerves. On the outside, we are keeping our cool. Cindy and I follow the assistant over to their VIP table and sit down.

I was sitting beside my crush as he was focusing all his attention on me. Henceforth, my pussy is reacting with a creaminess I have never felt before. His bright blue eyes are staring into my soul.

No matter what, I am having hot celebrity sex with this man! Of course, Cindy is deep in conversation with two other famous men. My crush leans in to tell me how incredibly sexy and beautiful I am.

At this point, the deal is sealed, and I know he wants hot celebrity sex with me too!

Luckily, I am relaxing now and using my fantastic skills, flirting and reeling him in. I rub my hand on his arm and whisper in his ear how sexy he is as well. Then, I kiss him gently on the lips.

My hand goes to his thigh as I do this, and I can feel his pants tighten in the crotch. Oh, yes, he loves me too. He pulls me into him and plants a passionate kiss on me.

Hot celebrity sex is going to be amazing with him! He is a wonderful kisser! We relax and kick back, chatting a bit. Then, the other gentlemen suggest it is time we all head back to their hotel.

Cindy and I look at each other and smile.

We ride with them in their limousine. It is enormous, and there is plenty of liquor and party favors for the ride to the hotel. Once back at the hotel, my crush suggests he and I head up to his suite.

Of course, I am ready for some alone time with him. We say good night to the others and head to his room. I want that hot celebrity sex I have been dreaming of.

In the suite, we undress each other, and I am not disappointed with that huge cock of his. Nor his quality oral skills. He is happy to go down on my tight young pussy and make me cum.

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