Lilly is my best friend, and I adore her. Recently, her sexy father is giving me signals he is into me. Of course, I am into him and find myself wanting my best friend’s dad.

Additionally, if he and I start hooking up, it will fulfill all my older man fantasies. Well, mostly. I will sort of be Daddy’s girl, just not my Daddy. I am ready to see what he has under the hood too.

As a Nosey Coed, I have seen many different people in the act of sex. Of course, many of them older people, and that is fueling my older man fantasies. Now, they can be a reality.

Lucky for me, it is okay if I sleep with my best friend’s dad!

Lilly is cool. Actually, she and I play together sometimes. And, she knows I have a huge crush on her father. She is the one that started noticing his behavior with me changing.

Of course, I am over the moon with excitement. He is so handsome. And, he is also a strong, successful businessman. If I were older, he is the ultimate package.

However, I am barely legal and just into fucking fun. I am all about sleeping with my best friend’s dad, nothing more. He is happily into non-committed relationships as well. Go, Dad!

I am anxious to see what he is packing as well!

I love doing Ageplay Phone Sex when I am online doing calls. It makes me happy to be Daddy’s girl, the niece, little sister, or whatever floats my caller’s boat. We have so much fun. I love being naughty!

Of course, now, I have my brother, and that is a blast. However, I want a really older man. With Lilly’s dad, I am getting what I want. And, he loves doing nice things like dinners and such.

That means he will also treat me to fun stuff while sleeping with my best friend’s dad. It is a win-win for this naughty coed slut. I get the sexy old man and tons of fun outings.

Seriously, it is so awesome!

Tonight is our first time hanging out. I am at his house. He has a nice dinner for us, a fire going in the fireplace. After dinner, we sit in front of the fireplace and chat for a while.

He is so good with his hands as he is exploring my body. This is somewhat new as most of my playmates have been my age or close to it. Oh, my, God, that feels amazing.

Additionally, as he is exploring, he is undressing me. We are moving to the floor in front of the fireplace. He is undressing, and I love that hard body of his. Time to sleep with my best friend’s dad!

When the boxers come off, I see he is packing a huge cock. I am going to love sleeping with my best friend’s dad.

The night is going to be amazing! We are caressing, exploring and it is exquisite. His mouth is all over my body. It is an all-night event. Curious to know what happened? Call me to find out!

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