Everyone that knows me knows I love peeping on others during sexual activity. It is one of my favorite things to do. Of course, sooner or later, I know I will end up as the nosey coed caught spying.

My first experience with voyeurism is my parents. They are still happily in love, and their sex is incredible. Watching them is like watching live porn. My tight young pussy gets dripping wet.

Then, in my first apartment on my own at college, my neighbor had a secret lover. When her husband left, he came to be with her. Watching through a peephole in my bedroom, I became an Amateur Teen Voyeur.

Now, I look for opportunities and end up being the nosey coed caught spying.

My neighbor and his buddies are pretty freaky. I rarely see any girls come over, but I know they all have girlfriends. Of course, I figure this is when they can hang out, drink, and watch sports without chicks.

However, something kept telling me to find out if anything else was happening. My neighbor lives alone and doesn’t shut his curtains on the side of the house. I decided to go check it out.

I am trying to be quiet and not be the nosey coed caught spying. As I am looking inside, it isn’t sports on the television; it’s porn. It is orgy porn with bisexual activity. All the guys have their dicks in their hands, jerking off together. One guy is even sucking another guy’s cock.

Whoa, definitely not what I was expecting to see!

As I try to get a better look inside, I stumble on a rock in the flower bed and fall, making a ton of noise. Oh, shit, maybe they didn’t hear me; they are so into the porn and each other.

I am just going to try to crawl back to the front of the house and get to our place. However, as I try to get out of the flower bed, I see my neighbor standing there staring at me.

First, he asks if I am okay. Then, he says I better come in so he can make sure. Well, fuck, so much for sneaking away. I am totally that nosey coed caught spying right now! My entire body is blushing with embarrassment.

Inside, the cocks are put away, and the porn is off.

He asks me what I am doing outside his windows. I am trying to lie and say I am looking at his flower bed and fell. They are all looking at each other and then start laughing. He says, “You saw us, didn’t you?”

I start to stutter and try to say no, but I know it is hopeless to lie now. I tell him, yes. He says, “Well, bad girls need to be punished, don’t they boys?” All of them nod their heads in agreement.

And then, they grab me and start taking off my clothes. He asks if I enjoy watching others like that, and I tell him I do. He says they will film this little gangbang for me so I can watch it later. Oh boy, definitely nosey coed caught spying consequences here.

Not that I am complaining, my surveillance is bringing rewards right now!

They strip down and start exploring my body with their hands, mouths, and cocks. Some of their dicks are huge. I feel them in all my cracks and crevices, and it is exquisite. My tight little cunt is wet and ready.

The first cock is in my mouth, and I greedily welcome it. Then, I feel one sliding into my pussy. They have me there for hours. No hole left unchartered.

If only all my excursions could end this well with naughty coed caught spying.

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