Phone Play Confessional: I know you thought you could never tell anyone.

Phone Play Confessionals: The truth is, in this line of work I have heard a lot of kinky and erotic confessions. I love the kind of stories that make your cock hard and make my pussy dripping wet. Let’s relive those experiences you had and has become a part of who you are, let’s do it together. I know you thought you could never tell anyone. Trust me, you could never find a better listening ear than mine. Odds are I am going to find your stories as hot as you do! No judgment, ever.

You have never told your wife or even your best buddy but now it is time to share. Did you have an experience when you were younger that made you cum like you never have since then? Was It with someone who told you never to tell anyone? You can tell me.

Phone Play Confessional: Do you have a fetish that you think nobody would understand?

Are the thoughts that go through your mind really dark or would be considered socially unacceptable? Do you have a fetish that is almost unheard of that when you googled it you found it listed as a perversion? I want to her all about it. You can tell me during our kinky phone sex call. I am open to anything.

You secretly lust after your stepdaughter or want to fuck your niece, I know you do. Does she have a nice tight ass and perky tits that make your cock hard long after she has gone home? I wonder what that sweet soft bald pink pussy smells like….tastes like. Naughty and unspeakable are the thoughts that go through that twisted mind of yours?

How naughty is your secret? Did you lick your daughters puffy little bald pussy when you were alone with her? Trust me, you aren’t the only naughty caller to do so.

Phone Play Confessional: Let me hear as you bring yourself to that ultimate pleasure!

I know you have a secret toy hidden and just love the feeling when you slide deep inside your tight asshole. Maybe you use your wife’s dildo? There is no feeling as good as when you push down and that fabulous toy hits your prostate at just the right angle. It is no fun alone though. Let me hear as you bring yourself to that ultimate pleasure!

Do you have a panty fetish or are you a closet Sissy Boy? Does your little boy clitty get hard when you think about cock? Are you constantly watering at the mouth thinking about sucking on a nice cock with a thick mushroom head? I will take you there during our hot and detailed role play.

Any secret you may have, a secret story, secret fetish or a secret fantasy, I would love to hear about it. Let’s have some sexy fun recollecting your Naughty little secrets!

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