Panty Fetish: He Picked All The Silk Panties

Panty Fetish: Where is the best place for a man with a panty fetish? The department store of course. Most people don’t realize that women love to try on everything. Even pretty panties. That’s why I will be the perfect guide for all your sick and twisted needs. I know that you love the scent of a woman, but when it’s done in such a taboo way, it can be explosive. My last caller found that out the hard way. Well, the hard dick way.

I speak to my undies loving freak about twice a week, but lately, he’s wanted more. That’s why I decided to take our calls out of the bedroom and into the stores. Thank goodness for cell phones.
“I want you to go right to the undergarment section. We will pretend at first to shop for your wife. Got it?”

Panty Fetish: I forced him to cum in each one, but I still wasn’t done.

Standing in the middle of all those beautiful fabrics, I told him to rub his hand down his dick. Don’t get caught. He actually moaned for me. I know if anyone was around, they heard it too. Red, yellow, and pink, he picked all the silk panties. They are the ones that feel the best when he tucks his dick into a pair of them and jerks off. Today, he would jack off in the store.

I made him get a pair of jeans too. Wrap the silk panties in the jeans and go in the dressing room. So far, so good. It’s almost Christmas and no one is paying attention right now. While I instructed my panty fetish caller he watched in the dressing room mirror. I forced him to cum in each one, but I still wasn’t done. Now, go put them back on the racks and leave. How dirty can you get with me? I know his cum is warming someone right now.