What is Phim Sex? Chào mừng bạn đến với thế giới của tình dục Việt Nam!  Welcome to the world of Vietnamese sex!  Ancient Vietnamese coins depict couples fucking.  So, it’s not a stretch to believe that even what is culturally unacceptable, is often broken behind those closed doors.

In modern times, parents ask their kids to follow the tradition. But, they’ll still have sex before marriage.  Very little escapes modern times.  In Vietnam, virginity is sacred. The culture of family lets the girl know, it is her responsibility to keep her virginity as soon as they are old enough to understand what virginity is.

Along with general promiscuous behaviors of the modern world, a vice sports minister turned to child rape of 1o-year-olds to rid him of bad luck.  Parents of high schoolers as well as secondary schoolers, continue to teach their children that women must preserve their virginity until marriage. But, It’s less common now.  Mothers have checked bed sheets for blood after the wedding night.

However, just because Vietnamese women are a bit cuntrolled in their expressiveness, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a WILD SIDE behind a closed door!  Often, a man cheats in the marriage; but that doesn’t mean the wife just sits at home twiddling her thumbs.

A good friend of mine has a side gig doing Phim Sex Porn and, her husband has no idea.  She’s getting lots of dick; even entertaining her hubby’s friends, co-workers and, even his boss!  Now, that’s not to say her husband is falling short.  It just means her drive is higher than his (which is usually the case).  So, what’s a girl to do?  Well, I’ll tell you what Bian did.

Phim Sex was about to begin.

She was sitting at a Starbucks getting Chai tea when she was approached by a fat, balding man who asked if she’d like to make a shitload of cash on the side.  She giggled her cute little laugh but, took his card anyway.  That night, when her husband hung out with his friends, Bian asked me to accompany her to her screen test at an out of the way location.

We arrived just after dusk and there were 5 cars parked in the lot to the building.  However, once we entered, we saw at least 20 guys sitting in the waiting room.  All of their hungry eyes landed on both of us. But, my posturing let them know I was NOT there for the taking.  The fat, bald man came right up to us and scanned me too.  My frown told him no.  But, we all know that sometimes that means MAYBE!

I sat in the screening room watching each of the men take a turn getting their knob slobbed by Bian and I wanted to join in, but this was Bian’s party…for now. LOL.  They banged her cunt and pulled her hair as they forced her to take each one in every orifice.  Moreover, her smile got bigger with each new challenge.  Turns out, her hubby never did his freaky shit with her.  Guess he saw her as too pure to get jiggy with him.

So, this was her opportunity to test her wild side!  She flipped the script and started jerking 2 men, while 3 others filled her pussy, ass and, mouth.  Damn!  I’d never seen her so happy and…FREE!   I was proud of her.  ‘Let that freak flag fly, girl!’  I didn’t actually SAY it so much as think it loud enough for her gaze to shift to me.

A Phim Sex legend was born!

Bian told her husband that she’d just picked up a new job cleaning offices 3 nights a week and he never complained.  Hell, who doesn’t need more money CUMming in?  So, he made time for his friends and off Bian went to work.  That is, until…

Khoi had been made an offer of his own.  That same fat bastard approached him with a job as a side-piece in his Phim porn.  And guess what?  Yup!  He strolled out all proud of his “package” ’til he got a look at that fine piece of ass on her knees before him.  He was SHOCKED!

Bian gave him a delicious smile that said, ‘Give it to me big boy!’ And just that quickly, Khoi dropped his load all over her face.  He’d had no idea what a little whore his wife could be.  Now, I wouldn’t say he was HAPPY, I will say he was as hard as a BRICK as he got on his knees.  The sudden realization that this woman was HIS made him deliver load after load into and ON his delicate, little beauty.

Bian is now known all over the world as one of the greatest Phim Sex stars ever.  And she and Khoi are eXXXpecting their first baby.  When I say their first baby, GOD knows whose baby it really is.  She let every man ride her bareback, so… Khoi doesn’t care who the sperm donor was; he only knows that his wife performs better with each day!  Sometimes, I even sit on the over-stuffed chair in their bedroom, rubbing my sweet bald pussy as I watched.

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