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IT is THE perfect ass. Additionally, the requirements for a phat ass are: it must be firm enough not to be sloppy, it must be very round, it must exceed the waistline by at least 3 inches, and its owner must let you experience it.

Hahaha. Of course, to experience my perfect ass, you must be willing to turn over all control and financial decision-making. That means trusting me completely.

Also, you give me lots of tributes, tips, and monetary gifts. You must do these things of your own will until I take over. Then, I will tell you what you can and cannot do.

Not only that but, with my phat ass Latina findom control, you only get to be with me with financial tributes.

I am a classy, well-educated lady. My time is in high demand. Men come to me because they know I am the whole package. I can be the classy lady in public and the perfect whore behind closed doors.

Along with that, my Sensual  Pantyhose Domination will bring and keep you on your knees begging to be with me. Of course, as a findom goddess, I have to tell many of you no.

Even when you provide this phat ass Latina FinDom with the best of tributes, you may not get a taste of my goodies. Not every man in my stable is worthy of my sweets.

That is just how the cookie crumbles guys.

If you are a loser, that is not going to change. You are welcome in my stable but losers are losers and not worthy of my fine special gifts. As a size queen, the men with big cocks get the vajaja.

So many men, so little time. However, I find time to serve all my little minions. Whether you are the unworthy only getting my tease and denial or the quality cocks getting everything.

As a phat ass Latina FinDom, I am happy to provide control and time for all of my stable boys. Many of you call when I am online providing the BEST Humiliation Phone Sex.

Of course, a lot of those asking for that are my losers.

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Additionally, you won’t get sympathy or apologies if you fall in my loser category. Just giving you an FYI, so you aren’t too wounded if you call for that hardcore fun.

I love using my sexy body, clothes, and skills to dominate you all with my phat ass Latina findom fun!

And, I love getting off too. Often, I am getting off and you aren’t. Hahaha, the joy of being in charge. So, if you are wanting to learn more, call me. We can have so much fun together!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke