I guess the question I get asked the most is how did I get so perverted? I say it just happened naturally, but that’s not entirely true. The more I think about it, the more I realize I owe it all to my first lover- we were together a long time, experimented, and as one thing grew old, we tried something else, always pushing the envelope a little further. No, it wasn’t my first boyfriend, he already had the benefit of an experienced woman. It was my step-brother, and we used each other like a science project.
When I was 12 years old, my Mum decided she had enough of England, and moved us to California, USA. We didn’t have much, but Mum was very smart and pretty, and knew how to use it to her advantage. We had a small apartment outside L.A., and she got a Secretary job at one of the studios. She had raised me to be independent, so even at 12 she trusted me to stay home while she escorted big wigs to functions and moved up through the ranks. Within a year or so we were in a much nicer place, and Mum started seeing one of the executives. He was recently divorced, and had a young son, and Mum thought it would be a good idea to introduce us. Well he was nothing but a brat- spoiled and snotty. I hated him from the word go, but Mum had offered me $20 if I babysat him while she went out with his dad, so I agreed.
At first, all was business. I did homework, and he watched movies. They never left us alone for more than dinner. One time they were going to be gone a little longer, and asked me to put him to bed. He had an inflatable bed, and all I had to do was give him a shower, give him dinner, and tuck him in. Dinner was a disaster. He drooled, threw food, and made a mess of him and me. I was disgusted- he was only a couple years younger, and I knew I never acted like that!
So, next up was the shower. I have to admit I was a little nervous, as I had never seen a man or boy naked before. I went to the bathroom, turned on the water to warm and wen to get him. He was running around the apartment naked and telling me I had to catch him. I was not amused, and he was running under tables and behind the couch, and when I did catch him, I had to tackle him. It was then I realized his little pee wee was sticking up and bouncing. I carried him into the shower and tried to ignore it poking me.
I put him into the warm water and knelt down to start washing him. The little fucker looked right at me and started peeing on me! I was so disgusted, but was frozen in shock. Not only was this the first time I saw a boy’s thingy up close, it was the first time I saw how it worked. As soon as he was done wetting me, I stood up and looked at my clothes. They were drenched, and I instinctively took them off immediately. After I had my shirt off, I saw him looking at me and felt strange. His thingy wasn’t up anymore, and was much smaller. I had to take a shower anyway now, and decided to just share. I pushed him aside and stepped in. I put my back to him and started soaping up to get his nasty pee off me. All of a sudden he stuck a finger in my bum! I jumped so high, he giggled his little butt off. I turned around and without thinking, smacked him. He started to cry, and I felt so bad. I knelt down in the shower and hugged him to me. He was smaller than me, so on my knees I was just below eye level with him, and I kept apologizing, and begging him to not tell his dad. Soon he stopped sobbing, and I felt his little thing get hard again. I asked him if he had to pee again, and he said no. ¬†figured even if he did, I was already in the shower.
So I took the soap, and started soaping him up. I started at his face and neck, and worked down. When I got to his bum, he yelled, and said I smacked him for touching there. I explained this was to get him clean and he calmed down. I then reached around and soaped up his hard little man. It wasn’t even big enough to fit in my palm, but I liked the way it felt, really smooth and hard. I washed the long part, and the small sack under, then his legs. When he turned for me to rinse him off, he saw me looking at his stiffy. He asked me if I had one, and I laughed and told him only boys had one. He asked what I had and I told him a vagina. I couldn’t believe he didn’t know, my Mum had told me before I was his age!
He asked what was the difference, and I tried explaining, but figured it would just be easier to show him. So I stood up and pointed to my pussy. Like any kid, they always need to play, and he again reached out a finger to touch. When I smacked his hand, he asked if it hurt. I thought about it and told him no, but you can’t touch someone there without asking. He looked thoughtful a moment, and then asked if he could. I wasn’t expecting that, so I told him I guess so.
He took his little chubby hand, and put it right on my lips. It felt strange, but nothing I hadn’t done to myself. Then I felt his fingers exploring it, and realized they were moving easier, and I was feeling a different kind of moisture- not the shower. I was in a bit of a haze, but then his finger slid into my hole, and I bit my lip. He moved it back and forth, and then I heard him ask if I was ok and if he hurt me. I was snapped back, and asked why, and he told me there was blood running down my leg. I looked down and was scared. I took his hand, and there was blood on 2 fingers, but no cut. Then I put my hand down, and there was a small cut on my finger, but it seemed to have stopped. I soaped the last of it off my leg, and he was ready to cry again. I explained he didn’t hurt me, and it was ok. It even kinda felt good. I asked if he ever touched his. He said only when he peed. I was curious too, and got back on my knees. I reached down and put him in my hand. I slowly stroked him, and he said that felt good. I then touched the little sack, and he said that felt good too. After a few minutes, he said he felt like he had to pee again, and I moved back. He didn’t pee, but did go soft and small again.
I looked at my watch and realized it was past his bedtime, so got him out. By the time I toweled him off, he was stiff again, and I rubbed it a little again and he smiled. He asked if he could look at my vagina again, and I was still freaked by the blood, so i said no. He was OK with that, and I put his underwear and PJ’s on. I then put my nightshirt on and inflated his bed. I tucked him in and left the TV on. He was asleep in a few minutes, and I went to lay down. After a few minutes, I took my fingers and tried to recreate what he did to make me bleed. I touched my outside, and slipped a finger inside. I was that strange kind of wet again, but this felt so good. I rubbed myself and fingered myself until it felt so good I couldn’t breathe. Then I felt my body tense, and just go limp. Now I realize it was my first orgasm, but then I had no idea. It scared me so badly. Eventually I fell asleep too.
When I woke up in the morning, Mum was making breakfast. I saw that her friend was at the table too, and his son was just waking up. Mum asked how the night went and I told her fine. Her friend gave me $50 because it was overnight, and I was so happy I hugged him. Mum asked if I wouldn’t mind babysitting next time at his house- they had a swimming pool, and a big computer with modem, and I said sure. I had a few things I needed answers about, and could never get enough of swimming pools!
That was the start of a beautiful relationship that we still have today. I am convinced that there is nothing, except necrophilia, that we haven’t tried or discussed, and who knows what would happen if I died first and he got hold of my corpse…
So, feel free to ask me about anything. Nothing can shock me, and if it is something new, I know who I can call and try it out with…
AIM/Yahoo: JerkItForGeri