I have had so much fun the last few weeks! You guys have been making it nearly impossible to keep my knickers dry- so I have given up wearing them. A few of you have asked me what else my brother and I did, and I figured I might as well pick up where we left off in Why Am I So Perverted?
So the next time my mum asked me to babysit was a few weeks later. It was going to be overnight again, and I asked if a friend could join, and she said sure. I told my best friend about the pool and computer, and she was psyched to babysit too. We each packed our smallest bikinis, because we were told the pool was completely hidden, and were ready to go. My mum told me they wouldn’t be back till late in the afternoon the next day, so we were going to have plenty of time to swim and tan.
Mum’s boyfriend picked us up in his big Rolls Royce convertible. Mum looked pretty as ever in a low cut top and short dress, and I was wearing Daisy Duke cut offs and my bikini top. When we picked up my friend, she was drooling at the car, and was wearing a small sundress- perfect for the convertible ride. Mum’s boyfriend’s son, William, was strapped in the corner of the backseat, he was just wearing shorts and enjoying the sun, but looked uncomfortable when my friend got in. I didn’t care, we were in charge now.
When we got to his house, we were shown around. The house had like 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a huge entertainment center the size of a small theater! When they showed us the pool, we thought we had died and gone to heaven- it had a waterfall, diving board, and hot tub…we couldn’t wait to jump in. The last thing he showed us was the computer room- it was bigger than my bedroom at home and had a huge screen. He told us we could use it, but be sure to turn it off if we did. We were given William’s schedule, and off they went. As soon as they were gone, I asked Kelli, my friend, what she wanted to do first. She grabbed her dress, and ripped it off- she already had her bikini on, and I took my shorts off, and headed for the pool.
William asked where we were going and we told him for a swim. He asked if he could join, but we said no, he was a little boy and should go play with his toys. He was disappointed, but we thought it was funny. I had hit puberty early, and already had nice C-cup tits, and a little bit of red hair below. Kelli was a California Bleach Blonde Beach girl all the way. She was tall, thin, blonde hair and blue eyes, and had smaller boobs- about a B-cup, but nipples that could cut glass through a sweater!
We jumped into the pool and started playing around by splashing and chasing each other. There were some cool rafts on the side and we grabbed them. There was also a phone by the pool that had a “Page” button. We picked it up and realized that it went into the house. We decided to have some fun, and used it to page Billy- we refused to call him William. We asked him to bring us two big glasses of Ice water and a pitcher too. He yelled back that he didn’t want to, and we said he had to listen to us. Finally he agreed to get it, and went to get it.
I told Kelli a little bit about what happened last time I babysat, but not everything. She asked if I wanted to really fuck with him this time and I said sure. Next thing I knew, she took off her top and her little tits were out in the open. I didn’t think twice, and I did the same. She looked at my big silver dollar nipples I was still growing into, and I looked at her small but hard pencil erasers. She moved close to me, and we hugged our tits and nipples together, and kissed. We had kissed before, but that was it- just a peck. This time our tongues came out and we explored each other’s mouths.
We were lost in each other until we heard a loud crash. Apparently Billy was shocked at us. He had a tray with water and the pitcher, and dropped the whole thing when he saw us kissing. We yelled at him, but laughed at the bulge in his shorts. We told him it wasn’t nice to sneak up on people like that and he had to go get a broom and clean up his mess. He couldn’t take his eyes off us for a moment, but he went to go get a broom and dustpan. Kelli and I went back to kissing.
We ignored him as he swept up the glass and ice. I grabbed her ass first, and she grabbed mine next. She took my hair and pulled it back, and bit my neck. If felt so fucking good, that I did the same back to her. We heard it quiet, and looked up to see Billy rubbing his crotch above us. We looked at each other, gave a little nod, and each reached up, grabbed a pant leg, and yanked down. Poor Billy didn’t know what to do, and tried to run, but tripped on the pants around his ankles. We got out and helped him up. He was fine, but even more embarrassed. Kelli reached around him, so her boobs were against the side of his head, and pulled me to her. Now my tits were on one side of his head and hers the other. We started kissing over his head again. He stopped crying and relaxed.
Kelli asked me what should we do with a little peeping tom? She smacked his lil peepee when she said it. I took it in my fingers and said “there’s not much we can do with this LITTLE problem”. We both laughed, and she said little babies need to nurse, and took Billys head to one of her tits. He didn;t know what to do, so Kelli told him to open his mouth, and lick her nipple like a lollipop. I was surprised at how she knew all this, but she looked at me and said she had a little brother that was curious too.
I guess Billy was a fast learner, because Kelli started to bite her bottom lip. I moved next to her and put her other nipple in my mouth, It was soft and firm. I flicked my tongue over it and she squeezed us both into her tightly. She told us we could bite gently, and we did. She let out a little moan, and we bit harder. She then pulled us off her tits, and put Billy on one of mine, and she took the other. I was overwhelmed with the sensation. It was the best thing I had ever felt. That is until she reached into my bikini bottom…
I wasn’t sure what she was doing at first, and tried to swat her had away. She told me to relax, and took off her bottoms first, and then mine. Billy was still sucking my tit. All 3 of us were now naked, and Kelli went back to kissing me as Billy kept up. She then snaked her hand to my pussy, and her fingers explored me.She quickly found my little clit button, and stroked it. She whispered she liked the feel of my bush, and gently pulled the hair, saying she wished hers was as nice. I felt myself get wet again, and loved it. She told me her sister had showed her how to have fun, and wanted to show me.
I started thinking what a crazy family she had. She saw my look, and said her parents believed in free love, and encouraged the kids to do what ever felt right and loving. That sounded so cool, and she told me to relax, and pushed me back into the pool. The water felt cold to my hot skin. It also made my nipples pop even harder. She then pushed Billy in, and dove in over him. I couldn’t help but watch her move- her perfectly shaped body moving and jumping. Then she told me to get into the raft, and dangle my legs off it. She told Billy to either come next to her and watch or go back to being a baby and suck on my tits. He decided to watch, so I rubbed my own now sensitive breasts in the warm sun.
She took me to the shallow end, and had me scoot forward. She then sounded like a teacher to Billy- giving a very up close anatomy lesson. “Now Billy, this is a Pussy. Geri has a very pretty one with soft red hair. See how it feels.” And she held his hand and petted my cunt like a kitty cat. “You can tell she likes it if it gets wetter while you touch it. Do you feel how it is wet and not from pool water?” He nodded. “That means she likes it. Now I want you to taste it.” And she ran his finger down my wet slit, and brought it to his mouth. She didn’t know how he tasted my pee already, but he seemed to like this better. “Now at the top, you see this bump? As you make her feel better, this bump will grow like your little thing. On some girls, it even gets big and hard like a small pee-pee, but it isn’t the same. This is what makes girls feel good.” She then started to rub my clit between her fingers and her other hand rubbed the sensitive area above my clit. I bit my lip and moaned.
“Now Billy, as you hear, she is enjoying. You can either tell by her sounds, but some girls will fake that, or by seeing if she gets wetter. Take a finger and slowly put it in her hole and see if it has that special wetness.” He did as was told, and I was soaking. His finger slid all the way inside me easily. “Very good, now curl your finger back and make the come here motion.” He did, and I yelled out loud. It felt incredible, but he thought he hurt me. “You didn’t hurt her, you actually made her feel really good. Do it again,and I will keep rubbing her clit. Let’s see if we can make her come.” Now I had Billy’s fingers searching me and Kelli’s fingers massaging my clit. Not only did I start to cum, I almost passed out!
My poor pussy gushed on them. “Is she peeing on me again?” Billy asked. Kelli smiled and licked some of my juices off his face. “No, that wasn’t pee, but I can’t wait to hear why she peed on you once before, but that can be later. Now do you feel her pussy around your finger gripping it and letting go?” He nodded. “That’s how you know a girl had a real one and didn’t fake it. Now watch as I really make her feel good.” With that, she pulled me right to the edge of the raft, and put her face into my pussy. Her tongue licked me from my asshole to my clit. She pulled back for a moment, and said to Billy, “now you try and I am going to really blow her mind.” Billy moved between my legs and started lapping at my pussy. It felt good but different.
I couldn’t help but wonder what Kelli was up to, but it didn’t take long. She actually got under Billy, and as he licked my pussy, she licked my asshole. I had never felt anything like it before. Then when it was wet from her saliva, she pushed her fingertip inside me. It hurt a little and she told me to relax. I did, and she kept licking around her finger while sticking it further inside. I moaned again, and the sensation was just too much. I yelled I was cumming and she told Billy to lick faster. I was bouncing up and down, and had her finger up my as, his finger in my pussy, and his tongue on my clit. This time, not only did I cum, but I did pass out!
When I came to, we were inside the house. Kelli had a cool compress on my forehead, and Billy had water for me. When I opened my eyes, Kelli asked if I was OK, and I said more than OK. I realized we were all still naked, and asked what happened. She told me that the heat may have been too much, so after I came, and passed out, she carried me inside. I apologized, and she told me not to worry, that we all enjoyed. I asked Billy if he had fun, and he just shrugged. Kelli laughed, and said he would, even if he couldn’t cum yet. I asked how, and she told me to sit up.
I did, and she then called Billy over. His small cock was hard, and she told me to watch. She took it in her hand and jerked it a little. She then licked the head like an ice cream cone. She reached back and petted his tight ball sack. He closed his eyes and she put his whole shaft into his mouth. She then motioned me over. She pointed his little cock at me and I opened my mouth. It felt so good in my mouth. I also was able to go completely down on his shaft. She then moved under, and licked his little balls as I sucked him. She kept moving, and ended at his little butthole. He jumped as she licked it, but she whispered to relax, and like to me, she slowly pushed a finger inside him. This made him buck at my mouth harder, and she took his balls back into her mouth. All of a sudden I felt something wet in my mouth, and he moaned. Kelli told me to swallow, and I did. It was salty, but not like pee. She took her finger out of him, and came up to my mouth. She kissed me and we shared his fluid. It wasn’t quite cum, but it was close. As his little cock softened, she squeezed the last drops out like a tube of toothpaste.
Poor Billy almost fainted, but managed to fall into a chair. She looked at him and asked where he thought he was going. He looked confused. She then explained, “Now it’s time for your final exams, like in school. I showed you and Geri what to do, now both of you, use your talents on me!” I looked at Billy, and we both shrugged, and got down on either side of her, and, well maybe that is for another day, or maybe if you ask real nicely, I can tell you in your ear what we did…
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