Stepdad Is A Pervert!

When I was in my teens I’d often stay over at my best friends house, they had a pool and a big house, so I loved to spend time there. Her step dad had a car dealership and a lot of money and they were very generous with me, including me when they’d go out to dinner or to concerts that I wouldn’t have been able to afford to pay for myself. One night when my friend and I were talking before going to sleep she said she’d seen her step dad walking naked in the hall from the bathroom to the bedroom and what a big cock he had, she couldn’t believe it, she also said she thought he’d seen her and he smirked and walked into the bedroom. She said he must be a pervert to show himself like that.


She then said she’d “accidentally” come across him naked and she was sure he was doing it on purpose and she said I had to see this cock it was fucking incredible. We heard something in the hall and got up to look and sure enough he was walking nude and I saw it and he saw us and stood there smiling at us before going into the bathroom. We giggled and closed the door. A few minutes later the pervert knocked at her door and we let him in, he had on a robe at this point. He said he was going to take us to the new mall the next town over and treat us, but he had one thing to ask first. Could he see our titties? We were a bit shocked, but it wasn’t much to ask really, but there was more.

He said he’d give us each $500 to shop with the next day if we gave him a blow job. I was a bit surprised, but $500 for new clothes, I wanted it. So did my friend. We agreed to do it. The pervert sat on the edge of my friend’s bed and pulled back his robe, that cock was nine inches at least. We got on our knees in front of him and I started to suck his cock while my friend sucked on his balls. We’d both given blow jobs before, but not for money! We licked and we slurped and sucked until he was in a frenzy from our efforts. My friend caressed her step dad’s cock and licked the head of it and then held it out for me to lick. I licked the shaft of the perverts cock and thought of the money we’d get to spend the next day. He soon came in our mouths, he insisted we open our mouth and stick out our tongues and he shot a few squirts on each of our tongues.

The next day when we got up, there were two envelopes of cash waiting for us on the end of the bed, the pervert crept into the room as we slept and left it there for us to find. When he dropped us of at the mall, we decided to flash him our tits and he grinned and thanked us for the night before and said he’d like to be generous with us more often, so I guess that means we will be doing more blow jobs for cash in the near future!

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