Pervert By The Pool

The condo I am in has an outdoor pool, which of course is open this time of year. I love to go swimming nearly nightly. It’s mainly older people in the building and most don’t even use the pool. Not many residents do, so it’s almost like having my own private pool at times Especially at night. I’ve gone down many times well after midnight and it’s totally deserted and I can have it al to myself. I so wanted to skinny dip the other week and it was late, no one was around. I slipped off my bikini in the water and placed it at the side of the pool.Hopefully there is not a pervert around.

I was surprised a while later when I saw one of the other residents sitting in a chair poolside having a beer watching me. I hadn’t even noticed him arrive. He smirked and asked if I was enjoying the water. I went to the side and grabbed my suit and slipped it back on before I got out of the pool. I had to walk right by him and saw his dick was making a tent in his shorts.He must be a real pervert I thought to myself. He was new to the building and I didn’t know anything about him other than he was a bit shifty looking.

He Called Me A Tease,I Called Him A Pervert

I didn’t see him for several days and I kept my suit on when I went in the water. The next night he was there again when I was alone . He called me a tease and I said I am not and I called him a pervert. I glanced down at his shorts that were pitching a tent again and I stormed off. The next night I was swimming laps again and heard someone jump in the water from behind me. It was the pervert neighbor again. He swam over to me and said I could take my suit off again, he didn’t mind. Yes, I bet he didn’t! He reached over and grabbed my breast and reached over and kissed me. I was shocked and yet, he was a good kisser, but I left the pool.

Dana And The Pervert

The next night there were a few more people at the pool. He came up and introduced himself to them as my boyfriend to which I laughed and said in your dreams. He pulled me close and kissed me. And led me by the hand back to his unit and opened the door and led me in. He told me I needed a good fucking, at least I was acting as if I did. I was speechless at his nerve and opened my mouth to speak. He took the opportunity to kiss me and stick his tongue in my mouth.

He Was A Pervert And I Was Horny

I for some reason didn’t put up much of a fight and he led me to the sofa and pulled off my swimsuit and took off his shorts and he laid on top of me kissing me, this was one nervy pervert to be sure! He kissed me and touched me and soon had my legs pulled back and was slipping his cock into my pussy, which I couldn’t believe was wet. He fucked me and I was surprised he was decent at it but I did cum. He was pretty presumptuous, but I have to admit I sure felt better after we fucked.
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