Pervert Peeping Tom Gets the Tables Turned on Him!

Across from my condo is a pervert Peeping Tom in another condo in New Jersey called the RCA Viktor Building.  The Delaware River runs between Philly and Jersey with a clear view from each to the other. The RCA Building is a gem in Camden and looks over to prime real estate in Philly where I live.

People come and go from the multiplex high-rises and lights turning on and off twenty-four hours a day.  However, recently, I’d begun to notice one bank of lights that always seem to turn on or off based on what I was doing. I know, that sounds cocky to assume someone to be that interested in me, but I had a gut feeling.

Lay a sexy trap for a pervert Peeping Tom?  Why not?

First, I played a coy game of cat and mouse with him by turning lights on and off randomly.  Then, I flash them back on.  Strangely, his lights corresponded within seconds.  It was almost as if there was synchronized lighting from two different states!  I don’t really care.  I believe what he does is still a crime.  Why do I say ‘does’, instead of ‘did’?  Shaking my head.  Because he’s still at it, but that chick is a fucking Cum Whore so, that doesn’t count. lol.

The trap as it were, lured him in like a shark to bait.  I had the lights set to time with random pulses.  But, better than that, it was synced to my new pussy pulsing gadget a la Adam and Eve’s.  This way, when I positioned myself in front of my tall windows and spread my thighs revealing my pink wet pussy,  I can squirt all over the window in time to the music.

Careful what you wish for, eh?

Oh, I took him to new heights first by luring him in with the show, then finish him with the squirt.  So, I settled in for a whopping good time as I hit the button on the remote.  I suddenly felt like the girl from that movie, “Flashdance” as the overhead spotlight flashed brightly, but only once. The beat of the music drove the lights and therefore, me.

The flashing of lights went on at non-conforming intervals and I took great advantage of that for some fast footwork of my own. When my lights flashed, they lit his condo across the way just enough to see him seated in front of the window like me. The next flash he was still there, but I was not.

Now you see me…

The next flash, I returned to my seat.  Once more the lights flashed and I was again gone.  This hide and seek on my part went on just long enough to completely lose his fucking mind over me. I’d given the pervert Peeping Tom enough of my time and attention.  What he never thought of was me getting all up in his business much like he had infiltrated my life!

He was naked and searching the darkness for his next glimpse of… Me!  As he lifted his naked pervert Peeping Tom ass off the chair nudging himself ever closer to falling 32 floors to his death. I must say, I don’t blame him. hee hee.


Right there in front of the entire two cities, he stood, buck naked in the floor-to-ceiling windows searching for what he needed to squirt.  And THERE!  The flash of the camera lit him up like a display jewelry piece during the holidays! He turned and saw me at that very moment and tried his damnedest to cover the vital area, but it was too late.  I bet it all flashed in front of his eyes as he watched my smile broaden.  Then, I pointed further into Philly a few blocks and his eyes followed.

Hahahaha!  It’s AMAZING how invading another’s privacy is no big deal until it happens to you, huh?  That huge billboard that I’m pretty sure can be seen from the fucking HUBBLE telescope! And there he was in all his glory! Naked as the day he was born, and with the same size cock!  Now, ALL of Philly will see the pervert Peeping Tom who’s been spying on every woman he could see from Jersey.

Some men never learn!

Later, I started sending men over to get some good ass fucking in on him too.  Nothing works better than some forced-bi to “drive a POINT HOME”. lol

I hear that he recovered somewhat after his ordeal with me, but he’s still at it. But, I overheard a girl talking to another in the lift to the lobby of our building.  I didn’t bother to school her.  Some lessons are best learned in the moment. I’m sure she’ll catch on someday.  I hope.

I’m the hottest of the phone sex girls you’ll ever find!  Step out of the shadows.  Let me break all the rules with you. BLAME IT ALL ON ME!

Pervert Peeping Tom