I love making personalized ASMR recordings!

It’s so sexy and soothing to sit down and record for my boys. I just recently discovered that my smooth voice is perfect for triggering that naughty little tingle that sends shivers down your spine. Can you imagine getting off as my voice sends waves of pleasure down your spine? I can, I did it last night after I made a few personalized ASMR recordings for myself.


My pussy was dripping so much as I listened to my own soft whisper that I couldn’t help but rub my pussy. So, I know it’s going to drive you wild. No matter what your personal trigger is, I want to give you the perfect stimulation to make you quiver.

ASMR – a fetish

The wonderful thing about fetishes is that anything can be one. If the thought of cupcakes makes your dick leak, then you have a cupcake fetish. With fetishes, if you can imagine it and it turns you on, it qualifies! So when I’m making personalized ASMR recordings or doing ASMR phone sex, anything that gets your cock twitching and your balls ready to explode is the perfect fetish for us.

Some of the common triggers of ASMR  include tapping, crinkling, repeating your favorite word, squishing, scratching, slurping, crunching, tearing, ripping, smacking, slurping, rubbing, clapping, typing, or rummaging. Anything can be a trigger though. The keys are volume control and audio quality, and I have both. My microphone can pick up the softest whisper and cut out the slightest background noise. Perfect for personalized ASMR recordings!

For ASMR phone sex, there will be a slight reduction in audio quality, but have I ever offered a phone sex experience that I didn’t feel I could handle or wasn’t of the highest quality? As if! What kind of Mistress would I be if I didn’t prioritize my boys’ pleasure?

Playing with ASMR

The wonderful thing about having personalized ASMR recordings is that you can go back and listen to them over and over! And they are multi-functional; you can use them as a way to take your orgasm to the next level, and then again to help you drift off to a peaceful night’s sleep. You can get hours of use out of even a short clip put on loop, but with so many different triggers, you’ll be begging me for more in no time!

But you’ve got to do a call with me to get one! And what better way to spend your time than playing with my voice and noises to figure out what triggers you really want for you personalized ASMR recordings?

Well, I suppose mixing a size queen cuckold or drugged housewife transformation roleplay in with our ASMR might be. But that’s entirely up to you. Almost anything that you enjoy during phone sex can be turned into ASMR. Unless you enjoy loud sex. If you prefer loud moaning, screaming, or sound effects, ASMR probably isn’t for you.

But if you’re sitting there listening to my blog with your cock in your hand, ready to explode, I know exactly what you need. You’re definitely going to want to try out a call to try me out before buying personalized ASMR recordings. And this isn’t limited just to sexual enjoyment. I see you, blushing boy, on my line we only talk about what you’re comfortable with.

The Best

Maybe you aren’t stroking your cock right now, though. If this is your first time listening to ASMR, you might be experiencing something brand new. If so, congratulations, you’ve opened a door you’ll never want to close. You may not be getting hard yet, just wait when we use your trigger, you’ll be exploding in minutes!

For my boys with whispers as their trigger, I’ve included a sexy teaser.

Listen to this:

Feel me running my delicate fingers over your scalp, gliding through your hair. I come behind you, letting that hand continue, down your bare neck. When I reach your shoulders, I start kneading, easing the tension from them as I gently separate the muscles. I lean forward, nibbling your ear.

Why are you so tense, baby? Just relax and enjoy how soft and warm my hands are. No need to worry about anything. The sound of my voice and my hands on your body should be the only things you’re focusing on right now. Melt into me, baby, and let me put your mind at ease.

Best Phone Sex