PERSISTENT GENITAL AROUSAL DISORDER or, P.G.A.D. is just making it’s entry into the world of intense sexuality.  It’s damned near a forced sexual encounter when you think about it!  If you’ve never heard of it, take a moment and read up on it…I’ll wait. LOL.  Okay.  So, now that we ALL know about this little torturous, miracle… you may want to take the lady in your life to the nearest plastic surgeon…  Just don’t TELL them you’re bringing her in specifically to GET persistent genital arousal disorder…  Some crazy ass people are looking to CURE it!  What?!?

I happen to be the owner of a long, delish clit and I wouldn’t change it for the WORLD!  Now, some may cringe and back away… My clit is NOT for the faint of heart.  She’s a clit that knows what she wants AND how to make it CUM to her…  Once sated, she’ll purr for you, like the perfect kitty she is.  It’s not like a woman who gets the disorder, by way of several medical conditions, WANTS to be born with a clit the size of a small(ish) cock!  It’s just the lucky ones of us who are and know how to work it to our personal advantage.  But, there you have it… a PERSISTENT GENITAL AROUSAL DISORDER. One of so many of a sexual nature.  It’s not so very uncommon.  Relax!

Mine, you see, sits OUTSIDE my pussy lips and extends a good few inches out there all on its own.  Yup! Giggle.  You can suck my clit and pull on it to make me squirt buckets all over my bedroom.  And it’s a meaty, little thing too… responsive to stroking, much like your cock.  And going down has taken on a new meaning.  But, the BEST part of all?  Because she hangs out there with no protection, she’s very easily turned on.  Bet, you’ve figured out by now that I don’t wear pants very often.  Why?  I think I just said it, but if it bears repeating… here ya go.  My clitoris hangs outside my pussy, so anything (and I DO mean ANY, LITTLE THING) that rubs her will cause me to stop dead in my tracks, lose focus and… uh huh!  SQUIRT!

So, why would I want to keep something so unpreDICKtable?  Well, it’s easy.  I LOVE TO CUM.  So, for me being diagnosed with PERSISTENT GENITAL AROUSAL DISORDER has been a Blessing!  I can’t GET enough stimuli.  I go to sleep only because I pass out after cumming all over the place.  And wake with my hands shoved between my thighs, grinding and rolling in the deep of the strokes.  You really should go to sleep, or wake with me… Just make sure to bring a snorkel.. for the DEEP DIVES!

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