You didn’t think permanent male chastity would be your Valentine’s Day gift.

“Baby, I don’t need you. You need me. Don’t you?” I said as I looked at Josh. He stood still at the door, looking at me with gleaming eyes. I stepped ahead, accepted the box of chocolate he brought for me. “This doesn’t bring me as much joy as the gift of permanent male chastity I would be giving him”, I thought to myself.

“Come on Josh, you either step inside and be my valentine or just go away and never come back. BUT, don’t forget the rules!” He wanted me, and I knew he wouldn’t do anything stupid to lose me.

“I will be your Valentine! Miss Olivia” he said in a mellow voice as he entered through the door. “Close the door behind you and follow the drill Joshina.” I ordered.

Joshina was a name I had given him a couple of months back. He used to be my boyfriend but when I found out what ‘really’ turned me on, I turned him into a sissy and named him Joshina – my personal maid and sex slave.

And of course, the one who took all the abuse from my high heels. I went to the bedroom to get his gift. It was Valentine’s Day and after all, he had done for me, as a boyfriend and as a slave, this boy deserved to be rewarded.

Then, I picked the silver box which had his gift, wore my red high heels and slipped into the sexy red dress that I had been saving for the day.

I wanted to make this day special for him.

So, I went back to the living room; Josh was still standing with his head down and a rose in his hand.

“Why are you still standing you piece of shit? You know the rules. Undress, get naked and get on your knees. Spread your legs to make room for my heels near your balls. Do you even remember the RULES? Have you forgotten all the pain?” Josh shivered at the memory of his bleeding balls.

Then he quickly removed all his clothes, got down on the knees near the couch with his legs spread. This was an invitation for my sexy heels to meet and greet his pathetic balls. So I went ahead, kicked his balls and sat on the couch.

He still had that rose in his hand.

He bowed down and offered me the rose.

I asked him to place it on the ground under my heels. He did so.

“So, I brought you this little gift that is going to change your life. This will make our life more dynamic and fun. And by fun, I mean for me.” I threw the box towards him and placed my one foot between his legs, rubbing his balls.


Then, Josh picked up the box. He was excited. And I was too. He opened it quickly. I was still rubbing his balls, making him hard and ready for a release.

“Is this a chastity….like a permanent male chastity device?” – Josh said nervously.

“Fucking yes Joshina. You see, you have been a good girl and I want you to stay faithful and girly. This little thing is going to make you do both those things. But, don’t worry. I am going to let you enjoy all your manhood first. You will have the pleasure of cumming on Miss Olivia’s heels and you will have the honor of licking all the cum from your Miss Olivia’s high heels. You love it! Don’t you?” I giggled to myself. We had some such a long way from our small penis humiliation days.

“YES! Miss Olivia” He said with a certain satisfaction in his voice.

So, I continued rubbing his balls and his dick. He eventually did cum on my feet. It felt warm and very sticky. I let him cum all he wanted and rub his dick on my red heels and feet all he wanted. This was the last time he was doing the deed without my will. I wanted him to enjoy the taste of freedom one last time.

Once he stopped, I made him lick clean my heels. He loved doing it. He licked every single drop from my heels, especially the soles. There was something about the soles that made him weak. I didn’t know what and honestly, I didn’t care!

“Joshina, you are going to be in permanent male chastity from now on. Officially, you are now a sissy” I said seductively as I tied Josh’s dick in the chastity. “Go and clean the toilet now. Valentine’s is over for you. I have a date. I will see you in the morning. Your best friend Mack said he has a 9-inch cock. I wonder if he really is that big! It will be amazing. Don’t you think so?” and I left.


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