Small penis humiliation had become a routine in our sex life. I knew your ex-girlfriend used to do it to you.

I didn’t mean to push too far with the small penis humiliation I’d shot at Eric yesterday. Or maybe I had. His cock stood five and a half inches long when he was fully aroused, so he wasn’t exactly small between his legs. Yet I’d humiliated him over it anyway, and while I was at it, I’d seen a noticeable bulge in his pants. The small penis humiliation had served its purpose, resulting in very rough sex.

“Can a small cock fuck this hard?” he’d asked, slamming me ruthlessly.

Words had eluded me; at least intelligible ones. There was no way I could think straight when he kept fucking me so hard, with a butt plug filling up my ass and stretching me to my limit. Eric was a monster whenever I sexually provoked him, and that was a part of him I wanted to see every single day. I wanted to see just how uninhibited he could possibly get.

My pussy still raw from the bone-breaking sex we had last night, I slowly rose from my bed and proceeded toward the living room. I was clad in a pink chemise, with neither a bra nor panties underneath. The soft moans of a woman filtered into my ears as I neared the living room, and when I stepped in, my curious gaze darted to the plasma TV Eric was watching.

The first thing I saw was a fat cock sliding out of a pussy, leaving it wet and gaping.

The title was “Black on Blondes“. The woman lay on her back on a bed, with her knees pulled in toward her chest and her hands firmly grabbing her feet so her legs remained in place.

“You love it when I fuck you in front of your husband,” her lover asked, “do you not?”

“I love it!” she cried. “I fucking—”

He grabbed her legs, pulled them down and yanked her body toward him so her sex molded into his. She rocked her head back, her legs forming a wide V-shape around his torso as he pounded her so hard the bed squeaked. The camera panned to reveal her husband watching them with sultry eyes. Stark naked, he stroked his hard cock as he watched the duo rocking and moaning on the bed. When I stared intently at his cock, I saw that it was no bigger than Eric’s. The other man’s though, was a monster, tearing the woman apart without mercy so she gasped for breath.

“Look at me, Marissa,” the cuckold ordered. “And don’t you dare look away.”

I could feel a wetness between my legs, making me wish I was the one in a room with two hot men. Watching the cuckold porn made me realize how bad I needed Eric to see me submitting myself to another man. But would he let it happen?

He shifted in his seat, his eyes meeting mine. And in his lust-filled eyes, I found the answer to my unvoiced question.

It was a definite yes!


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