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The young teenage couple ditched school to have some naughty fun together! A fresh young relationship always has the hormones going crazy. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other! They’ve never had sex before and they both had no idea about the messy bloody sex they were going to be having! I love Adult Chat!

They laid next to each other while making out and tasting each other’s tongues. The boy’s hand starts to travel slowly from her waist to the inside of her panties. Then, she stopped his hand before it touched her soft pussy. She explained she was on her period but he didn’t care. He loved this girl so much, he wanted to feel her, taste her, and be inside of her. Finally, the couple agreed that a little blood wouldn’t ruin their passionate time together. In fact, it made it so much better!

So then, they undressed each other passionately while kissing all over each other. The boy kissed his way down her body until he was face to face with her bloody pussy. The smell alone got his cock pulsing, he was so excited to taste her! He could just imagine all of the messy bloody sex they would be having!

Finally, he grazed his tongue on her bloody pussy and instantly loved the taste. He licked her pussy harder and faster just trying to taste more of that delicious pussy blood! Her blood made passionate love-making so much better! She moaned louder and louder until she finally came! Her cum mixed into her blood and it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen!

Blood and cum covered his lips, it was finally time for some messy bloody sex!

Next, he pulled his meaty cock out and started rubbing it all in her bloody pussy before he stuck it inside of her. He loved how her blood looked smothering his cock. Finally, he got her onto her hands and knees and shoved the whole thing inside of her. As he pumped it in and out of her bloody pussy, blood would drip off his balls and onto his sheets. They both had blood dripping down their legs and puddling around their knees. Messy bloody sex was the kinkiest thing they’ve ever done! Her flow was extra heavy this month and he absolutely loved it!

Afterward, they came nice hard together and laid in each other’s arms to catch their breath after using so much sexual energy together. The pleasure was so intense for the both of them they knew this wasn’t the last time they would be having some messy bloody sex! The blood on the sheets didn’t bother him at all. In fact, it turned him on a little bit when he looked at the mess of stains where they had been fucking so passionately. That time of the month will never interrupt their sex lives now and nothing can stop them from having lots of passionate messy bloody sex!

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