I had no idea that we would end up with so much passionate love-making…

The only boy I had ever loved walked into my favorite coffee shop while I was there. I had no idea he finally moved back. We broke up because he had to move and seeing his face again made my heart completely drop to the floor, I missed our passionate love-making. As soon as he walked in, our eyes locked in place and my stomach got a little bubbly while his cheeks turned red. Nervously, he walked over to me and plopped in the chair next to mine.

“I knew I’d find you here, I’ve missed you so much and I just got back into town today. I had to see you, Brooke.” He handed me a single flower, a daisy, my favorite.

“You really caught me off guard… I never thought I’d see you again.” I looked down and he flashed a grin. After we caught up a little bit more, I excused myself to the bathroom. His lips just looked so good and the whole time I was listening to his voice, I wanted to rip his clothes off.

Staring at myself in the mirror, I tried to gather myself. I hear a knock and soon after I hear his voice asking to come in for a second. Carefully, I open the door and let him inside and he locks the door behind him. Passionately, he slams me up against the wall and kissed me hard. His hands slid up my dress and into my panties. I was already so wet, I was so horny I couldn’t contain myself, my dirty little secret. Slowly, I took his shirt off and kissed my way down his stomach while I slip his pants off. I look him in the eyes while I’m slipping his cock into my throat.

Pumping his cock in and out of my throat was a feeling I had forgotten I loved so much.

His cock burst with all his delicious cum and swallowed it proudly! He picked me up and with my back against the wall and my legs wrapped around me, he slipped my panties to the side. Before I knew it, his cock was inside me and I finally felt the feeling of our passionate love-making once again. The feeling I craved and missed so so much for years.

A knock on the door startled us. We cleaned ourselves up and got into the back seat of the car to continue our session of passionate love-making. While he’s on top of me thrusting his cock in and out of me, he chokes me and fucks me harder. God, this man knew exactly how to make me cum. Our passionate love-making had always been a little aggressive and it was always perfect.

Hours later, he drives me home and promises to pick me up the next day for a movie, I’m hoping we get to have some passionate love-making in the theater bathroom!

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