I have many shower sex experiences under my belt.

My shower sex experiences often pose a challenge because I am so short! I had mentioned earlier that I thought shower anal might a fun idea. We left the pool to head back to the dorm rooms. I told everybody that I was headed to the showers. He complained that his roommate always took forever in their bathroom, so I told him that he could use mine and just crash in my dorm. I didn’t expect it to turn into shower sex.

My roommate was having a marathon over in a different dorm. I pulled the whiskey out of the minifridge that we had and we did several shots. We also had several rips from the bong. Then I slipped my swimsuit off and walked into the shower. I heard a knock on the door and told him to come in. He dropped the towel on the ground and walked into the shower. Then he told me that he wanted to fuck my ass!

I was excited to try it! After soaping each other up, I began to rinse off. I pressed my hands to the wall and bent over, sticking my ass up. He pressed two fingers in my ass and finger fucked my ass for a while until it began to stretch out. Then he used his thumbs to hold open my asshole. He pressed the tip up his cock into the opening of my asshole and plunged all the way in.

Then, he reached his hand around me and rubbed my clit while moving slowly in my ass hole. I came deep deep inside my body. I felt the sensation in both of my holes. He told me that he felt my ass constrict when I came. Interested in teen sex? Read more of my blogs!

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