At first, I watched him doing dishes from the doorway.

He looked every bit the perfect devoted pet. His beautiful body was a testament to his daily workouts. His tight little ass, no doubt, was framed in fitted jocks under those tight-fitting jeans. Softly, I walked up behind him. I could tell he sensed me, but he didn’t lookup. Subsequently, I reached underneath his shirt, which hung loosely outside his jeans, and let my fingertips roam softly over his muscular, chiseled frame. Feeling his muscle definition up to his shoulders and moving my hands around to his stomach, I delighted at the hard-earned abs. My closeness to his waistline was distracting him.

It had been a while since I’d given my perfect devoted pet any attention.

Therefore, I told him, “I want to see it. Show it to me!” I demanded it. “Yes, Mistress.”
He turned around, hands still wet and soapy from the dishes, careful not to get any on me. No getting me wet without my permission. He wiped his hands off on his jeans and unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly, and pulled down those tight jocks enough to reveal what I wanted to see. Hidden beneath his clothes, as he cleaned my house, was the shiny metal chastity cage.

I’ve had my perfect devoted pet locked in for almost two weeks.

I smiled up at him in delight, but my perfect devoted pet looked down to the floor. I knew he still struggled with the humiliation of being locked into a chastity device for me, even though it was the hottest thing he’d ever known. Giving me complete control over his orgasms made my perfect devoted pet want to wank more than ever, except he couldn’t.

One of the keys hung around my neck and was buried between my breasts.

I only freed my horny little pet when I felt like it, of course. Even then, he’d have to beg pretty hard first. Tilting his chin up to look into his embarrassed face properly, I relished the fight between humiliation and the intense arousal in his eyes.
“Have you been a good boy today and given up searching for the other key yet?”

Every padlock comes with two keys, and only one was around my neck.

As a result, teasing my perfect devoted pet about where the other one was, had become my favorite game. Signs he’d been looking for the key instead of getting on with his chores was reason to give him a lengthy punishment.
“Yes, Mistress.”
“Good.” That means it’s time to show you where I’ve hidden it.” “You’re going to have to work for your freedom. If you do a good job, I might even let you cum.”

The desperation for release won out over his humiliation, of course.

I could tell by the slightly crazed look on his face. He’d do anything to get out of his tormenting bondage.

“What do you say?!”

“Thank you, Mistress.”
My perfect devoted pet had learned not to argue, challenge, or question, only to obey and serve.
“That’s better. Remove your jeans and underwear, and then look in the freezer.”

I admit to feeling sly about my secondary key’s hiding place.

My lover and I had come up with it on one of his weekend visits. My perfect devoted pet took out the unique ice cube, in the center of which he could see the padlock key only from the slight glimmer.

“This is an incredibly special ice cube indeed.”

“To get to the key and earn your release, you’re going to suck on a frozen cube of my lover’s cum. You’re going to enjoy every single drop because it will make me happy.”
The color drained from his face and I felt my panties moisten. I ignored my aching cunt and focused on his genuine disgust. In short, I pushed him down to his knees in front of me and commanded my perfect devoted pet to start sucking for his freedom!

Are you ready to submit to me? I need a good boy that loves humiliation phone sex and can handle whatever I need. Call and be everything and anything my wicked heart desires.