People having sex

People having sex are always interesting to me. I always wonder if I might learn something from them. LOL, and of course the best way to learn is by doing. First I like to peek and then sneak in, I love to be so close I can lick them. LOL, not all appreciate me joining believe it or not. But if they are having public sex then thanks to my cell phone I have often blackmailed my way in.

Believe it or not, a lot of guys protest more than the ladies. Some men are just so timid. I like a strong aggressive man. Give me a man that knows how to grab my hair and bend me over. Fuck my pussy like he hates me. Feeling that rod of steel ravage my pussy, till my cum is dripping. Where it slings from his balls with every thrust is something I need. You give me a weak pussy boy and I go all Dome on him. I wind up being the one to bend him over and turn his ass into my playground. I much prefer a Dom~ish man that is true… but pegging guys is fun in a different way.

But there is nothing quite like running across a couple having a naughty bit of public sex. And either joining in or blackmailing them into them helping me cum. Lol, that’s pretty awesome actually. Making a woman watch as her man fucks me is a power trip. But when she and I make him accept our attention and making us cum is kind of better.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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