People having sex in the office is a huge turn on.

Imagine the thought of someone catching you with your panties down and a cock buried deep in your pussy! Yes, the danger of it is so excited it makes my pussy throb just thinking of it!

The office where I work there is cameras everywhere. There are also a lot of very attractive people. The boss looks like a sex God! I felt like I had won the lottery when I first got this job. I have taken advantage and fucked so many hot girls and guys.

Then one evening I was working late and everyone had already left the office. The boss suddenly called me and asked me to come to his office. I smiled to myself knowing we had the whole office to ourselves!

You could clearly see I was ass up bent over the break room table!

I walked confidently in and he instructed me to sit down. I smiled and offered my assistance for anything he might need. I saw him glancing down at my heaving breast peaking thru my opened buttons. I uncrossed and recrossed my legs. Simone he began, I am going to just be blunt. We have video evidence that you have been acting inappropriately in the office and during office hours. Sir, I tried to look shocked. I have no idea what you are talking about! Simone don’t add lies on top of your indiscretions. With that said, he picked up a remote and with a push of a button you could clearly see me ass up bent over the break room table getting fucked hard by Carl!

Sir, I really do need this job I pleaded with the saddest pout I could manage while covertly watching his reaction to the video. Simone I have watched the footage many times and I can see that you have fucked almost every man and woman in this office. So, you have watched it many times? I asked. I stood and walked over to his desk where I slipped up on it and leaned forward giving him a very good view of my tits. If you have watched it many times then you must see something you like? I reached down and lightly stroked his bulging pants.

I released his hard throbbing cock!

He cleared his throat. Yes, well I do and I will hear your proposition! He squirmed as I came closer practically thrusting my tits into his face as I continued to stroke his cock more aggressively! Oh, sir, I have no proposition. You don’t want to fire me what you really want is to fuck me! So I am willing to accommodate you! I pulled his zipper down and released his hard throbbing cock! I slid my hand up and down and slapped it to my tits and tongue then I looked up and asked, please sir can I suck your cock, I really want it!

Yes, my office slut, suck it deep! He pushed my head down over him and face fucked me so hard I gagged until I cried. Before he cum, he stood me up, bent me over his desk sweeping everything off it with one pass of his arm. He shoved my face into the desk harder then I would normally like but for this man, I was turned on! His complete control and aggressive behaviors were soaking my pussy!

You are my office slut now! 

He slammed his dick deep into my ass, making me scream out and beg for mercy but he told me to take it like a real slut would! He was relentless thrusting deeper each time until he finally pumped so much cum into my ass it was pouring out of me even before he pulled out!

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