Best sex stories always happen around the office.

Well for me they do. I was working as an office assistant when my boss had this big meeting with a lot of important clients. He was completely stressed. I very seldom worked independently with him. So I was not even aware he knew my name.

During the meeting his head secretary and transcriptionist took sick! The office was on full alert! They needed someone who had transcriptionist skills. I timidly raised my hand. He ushered me into the seat next to his at the head of the table which was surrounded by 20 very intimidating men!

I found it very hard to concentrate because my bosses eyes were heavy on me so much of the time. After about an hour of intense negotiations, he suggested everyone take a break. To me, he handed a stack of papers and said he wanted 100 copies of each immediately.

“I can’t take any more of this woman!”

I walked with my arms loaded to the copier room.  Just after I unloaded and turned toward the copier I heard the door behind me close. “I am sorry but I am going to have the copier tied up for awhile,” I said. A pair of arms wrapped around me and cupped my breasts. I gasped and jerked to pull away. His voice enveloped me. He whispered in my ear. “I can’t take any more of this woman, you are driving me insane with those breasts. I have to have you before this meeting can continue.” My boss was panting as he pulled me tighter against him. His hard dick was pressed against my ass.

Quivering deep inside my knees suddenly felt weak. He felt me weakening and used that to his advantage. As he lifted my skirt and ripped my panties from my body I felt myself flooding with desire. Pushing me forward by the back of my head and grabbing a handful of my hair he used his leg to push mine apart.

His hand slipped between my legs and he moaned as he caressed my pussy and felt how wet I already was! It did not take but just a moment before I felt him releasing himself and soon I felt the head of his cock pushing against my wet hot pussy!

He buried his face between my ass cheeks!

Fuck you, you little slut for making me want you so bad! He groaned as he slammed his shaft deeper burying it within me and making me explode into a million pieces. I came so hard with that one thrust that my whole body shook violently and my pussy contracting around him. It drove him over the edge and after only just a few more thrusts he too was cumming so hard. He pumped so much inside me that as soon as he pulled out a huge creampie burst out of me! He dropped to his knees and burying his face between my ass cheeks he tongued my pussy and ate it all up! As we were straightening up our clothes. He told me I was to come straight to his apartment after the meeting and no was not an option.

I thought to myself, NO SIR, very sarcastically but my pussy was already quivering at the thought!

Mr. Boss Man and I had a very erotic time together that lasted quite a while. I will tell you more about it in future blogs however if you want to hear more now or just want to bend me over and make me moan and serve up a nice creampie for you, then give me a call because I am a phone sex operator at phone sex kingdom. Taboo phone sex is my specialty! Call today and mention this blog and you will get 5 minutes free on any paid call!