Foot Fetish, He stalked me, kidnapped me all to just fuck my feet!

I love the summertime when I can wear strappy cute sandals and show off my gorgeous feet with my pretty manicures! I was sitting in a waiting room when I noticed this very ugly man staring at my feet. He was very creepy and did not even bother to hide the fact that he was fascinated by my red toes! He was salivating!

Soon my name was called and I followed the lady out of the room away from the creepy guy! Don’t get me wrong I love it when a man worships my feet but this guy had stayed away written all over him! When I left the office I did not see Mr. Wrong anywhere. As I drove away I felt a sense of relief.

The next day as I was shopping at the grocery store I accidentally knocked several things from the shelf. While I was bent over picking them up there was that man again. He was helping me but when he reached around me to pick up a stray orange he instead slid his hand over my foot and I heard him groan. I was very uncomfortable and quickly moved away.

I was afraid I had a foot stalker!

These chance encounters happened several times over the next few days. I was becoming desperately concerned. I told some friends that I was afraid the man was stalking me or at the least my feet! They laughed thinking I was being funny. I wasn’t though!

While I was walking through the parking garage on my way to work one morning a white van pulled up beside me and he jumped out and grabbed me placing something over my face and I passed out.

When I woke up the man was sliding his cock through my feet he was holding together. I found that I was tied to the headboard. I tried to scream but I was gagged. He looked up at my eyes when I began kicking at him. He held my legs firmly and said to me, “Please, do not fight me! I only want to make love to your glorious feet!” Please, I will not hurt you, sweetheart, just lay there and let me please myself.” he had a pleading look about him. Praying silently I begged God that he only wanted my feet and nothing else.

His lovemaking with my feet made me hot!

All through the night, he pleasured himself over and over by touching caressing sucking and fucking my feet. He never released me or allowed me to speak. My arms were in agony and my mouth was so dry but still, he came hour after hour pouring his hot cum all over my feet then licking them clean. He sucked every one of my toes so seductively that I felt a hot sensation deep inside me to my horror!

He licked my arches so wonderfully it was if a deep massage soothing me! If I were not bound and could relax the experience could have been exciting. When the sun broke through the shades he came to me very sadly and said he was sorry. I could tell that he was ashamed of his weakness. However, I desperately wanted to go home. I begged him with my eyes as I could not speak around the gag ball.

He said, I know you will tell the cops about this but please know I could not help myself and you have given me more pleasure than you will ever know.

I was forever haunted by him..

He pulled the gag ball from my mouth and offered me water. As if now he was finally realizing there was more to me than just feet.

When I found my voice. I told him I would not go to the cops just please let me go. If he promised never to come near me again I would always keep this a secret. He smiled like he did not believe me but was resigned to his fate. You never hurt me, in fact, you pleasured me in many ways so we can just go on and part friendly, ok I asked sweetly! I walked out to the street with him watching longly as I left and I felt extreme relief and sadness at the same time!

I would not tell the cops but I would forever be haunted by his talent at worshiping my feet!

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