Peeping Tom Watched Me Give My Boyfriend A Strip Tease!

Peeping Tom isn’t something I’m all that familiar with. Usually, I just give them what they want so there’s never really been a reason for someone to do that. The other day, however, it happened!

So, I turned on my computer, logged into Skype, and waited for my boyfriend to call. He was deployed a few weeks ago so we’ve been having playtime on video chat. It wasn’t exactly like the kinky office sex we used to have, however, it was good enough for us.

I wore a lacy pair of red stockings, this red-and-white plaid schoolgirl skirt, and a white top that was oh so revealing. It showed off my cleavage, my flat belly. On my feet, I wore a pair of high heeled Mary Jane shoes. I looked good enough to eat. The long pigtails I wore really brought the look together.

As the Skype tone blasted on my computer, I smiled.

I saw his face pop up next to the answer options. We talked for a little bit about our day, laughed, giggled, and joked around.

Then I got up, started turning around for him. I bent over so he could see my tight little ass in my white, lacy thong. Shaking my hips I slowly lowered my skirt down my toned legs. I looked back at the camera while I rose, reached back, and unhooked my bra. I spun around to face him again, to show him my perky tits.

That’s when I saw him. The peeping Tom! He was watching me through a crack in my curtains, his face pressed up against the window. His eyes looked hungry and his mouth was wet almost like he’d been drooling.

I walked over to the window, shaking my hips more than usual. Opening it,  I pressed my nipple in his face. “If you wanted a show, all you had to do is ask,” I told him.

I walked back to the center of my room, equal distance between this peeping Tom and my boyfriend while I finished my striptease and eyed the stranger. I asked my boyfriend if he would mind me giving him another kind of show. He nodded excitedly so I grabbed the stranger by the hands and pulled him into my bedroom, ready to give my boyfriend and this peeping Tom a show neither of them would forget.

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